If your device is already rooted your device and now you want to install SuperSu this won’t take much your time at all. You just need to download and install SuperSU from the Google Play Store.  And that’s it. But sometimes there may be some problems but do not be afraid, we will help you to deal with su binary occupied problem!

What is SuperSU?

First of all, if not all know what is SuperSU we have a short explanation.  SuperSU is a great application that lets you manage root permissions for apps that require root access on your smartphone. There are tons of apps that require root access to work on your device so SuperSU will help you to do this.

With SuperSU you have full control of all APPS with need root access.

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What to do if you got a problem called – SU Binary Occupied.

SU binary occupied is a message that can appear when trying to grant root access to an app on an Android device. The SU binary is a file that is used to grant root access to apps on the device, and the “occupied” error message indicates that the SU binary is currently being used by another app. This can happen if you have multiple apps that require root access, and they are trying to use the SU binary at the same time.

To fix this issue, you can try the following steps:

  1. Restart your device: This can sometimes resolve conflicts with the SU binary and allow the app to gain root access.
  2. Uninstall any recently-installed apps: If you have installed any new apps that require root access, they may be conflicting with the app that is trying to use the SU binary. Uninstalling these apps can sometimes fix the issue.
  3. Use a different root management app: There are many different root management apps available for Android, and some of them may be able to grant root access to the app without encountering the “occupied” error message.

If these steps don’t work, you may need to contact the app developer for further assistance. They can provide more specific advice on how to fix the issue with the SU binary on your device.

Now if for any reason you have an error which says “SU Binary Occupied”, don’t worry. There is a quick fix for these small troubles. Supersu binary occupied error can happen in anyways. For example, if yesterday it worked well for you, but you tried to update binaries using TRWP, for example, any other app and now you have SU Binary Occupied error. Do not worry we know how to fix this irritating problem.

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SU Binary Occupied – fix

Just follow these steps below:

1. First, you must go to SuperSU’s official website.

2. Find and download the previous version of the APK file on your phone. Refer to the Screenshot.

3. Install the selected APK file.

4. Once installed, launch the app. A Dialog box will open up saying, “SU Binary needs to be updated”. Tap on Continue and then tap on Normal.

5. It will take a couple of minutes to install the updates. Reboot your device.

6. After your device is up, navigate to the Google Play Store and check for updates. Update the SuperSU app to the latest version.

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Even after updating to the latest version, the app might prompt you to update the SU Binary. Just follow the steps and reboot your device. And it will be done. You have fixed this small SU Binary Occupied problem.