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Tech – Things you need to know 

Many Android smartphone users may ask this question What Is Com Android Server Telecom? Android.server.telecom is part of the native Android OS telephony configuration. This element of code does not pertain to searches or history. It handles three primary functions such as  GSM SIM based…

QuickBooks Hosting Services

Features included in QuickBooks Hosting Services 

Accounting is certainly one of the most essential components for any business as it determines the financial health and shows the current position of the business. Lately, the accounting industry has experienced a wide change and by the look of things, you can clearly witness…


How to Check if You’re Blocked on WhatsApp 

Who has never had that question: “Did I get blocked on WhatsApp?”. Officially, the messaging app doesn’t show when someone has blocked you, to preserve users’ privacy. But you can try to find out if a contact doesn’t want to chat with you anymore with…

espn on firestick

How to Watch ESPN on Firestick / Fire TV 

The Amazon Fire TV stick and Amazon Fire TV are both tools for cord-cutters. These powerhouses let you enjoy a wide variety of streaming content. This includes ESPN, the most widely-watched cable sports network in America. You might be wondering how you can watch ESPN…


Top E-commerce Security Threats of 2021 and How You Can Avoid Them 

Cybercriminals and hackers target users, employees, and admins of e-commerce stores by using different types of complex and malicious techniques. E-commerce security threats have been causing havoc in online shopping or online transactions for quite some time. Do you know that the e-commerce industry experiences…