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How to restore WhatsApp backup without uninstalling 

Do you have important official chats on WhatsApp but are about to change phones and want to backup WhatsApp? It is a fact that, in a short space of time, WhatsApp has become an important application around the world. With the increase in the use…

What is MCM Client

What is MCM Client? Mobile Content Management 

When Android and Samsung devices are placed under management, most MCM systems run an MCM client. Therefore, utilizing Android and Samsung cellphones, this MCM Client allows employees to safely view and download shared data. In addition, to maintain the security of corporate data, a variety…


What is Carrier Hub App? (Explained) 

Carrier Hub is a T-Mobile/Sprint licensed software that supports the development of cell site connections and needed extra network services like call, Voice over Wi-Fi, internet browsing, enabling Secure Wi-Fi, and more. Carrier Hub is a phone app that runs continuously and allows you have…


How to Fix Safari Can’t Find Server? 

In this era, we are all familiar with technology. There are many technology companies but Apple is the world’s largest and valuable technology company, that always head towards innovation. Approximately there are 1 billion Apple user across the world.Like other companies Apple devices also have…


How to Pick the Best Software for Your Company 

It’s generally understood that all aspects of a business’s operations should be to some extent automated and processed via software. This goes for the top-level instruments like tracking transactions and web traffic, right down to smaller internal tasks like getting the payroll right and managing…