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Can You Trade Forex on Just a Mobile Device? 

Most trading activities in the foreign exchange market occur between institutional traders, i.e., people who work for banks, fund managers, and multinational corporations. Take a closer look, and you’ll see regular individuals who mainly use the market to speculate and day trade. They indeed represent…

best email app for iPad

What is the best email app for iPad? 

Getting work done without email has become nearly inconceivable for most of us, so it’s important to find just the right solution for you that works the way you work. Here are four of the most popular email app choices. Apple Mail — This one comes included…


How to install Phantom Snapchat Tweak on iOS 

Snapchat is a popular social media app that allows users to send messages, pictures, and videos. It also has a new form of entertainment called “stories” that can last for up to 24 hours. Stories are made up of multiple snaps from different periods. The…


How To Reset/ Restore Default Keyboard Settings On Your iPhone SE 

Every now and then you would find features to add to your iPhone’s onscreen keyboard.  By adjusting its settings, you can have foreign language keyboards and shortcuts.  You can access special characters, cool emojis, a larger keyboard display, among many others.  While such upgrades prove…


Installer 5.1 (Beta) released for iOS 13-14 

Installer 5.1 is an all-new package manager for jailbroken iOS devices. The new update features an App Store inspired redesign, with a layout, details pages, and more. The developer team, apptapp has announced the public Beta version of Installer 5.1 that is available for everyone….


GIF Search and #Image Not Working in iMessage on iPhone 

Many people have started complaining that they are facing problems searching GIFs and #Image not working properly. More and more iPhone users are facing such issues. They have said that they are unable to send GIFs and images using the #Image. #images is a built-in…


WYFF iOS APP Download 

The latest WYFF iOS app will let you know what’s happening in your surrounding area. If you download this APP you will always be with the latest sports news, political news, or even national news, pop rumors from entertainment pages, and much much more. Download…


Best Wrestling Games For Your Mobile Phone 

Wrestling is a sport that involves techniques such as fighting, throws and takedowns, pins, and many more. It is aimed at attracting the attention of people just like how blackjack online games have attracted the attention of people nowadays. Therefore, if you want to get…