If you want to have more cool features for your Snapchat app then this article is Just for You! This new modified Snapchat app is called Snapchat++ apk this version brings all missing features you ever needed from original Snapchat app.  This modded version is free and you can install this app without rooting your smartphone!  As far as we all already know, Snapchat is the number one app for Android and iOS among young people. If person tries Snapchat it’s 99% chance he will stick with this app forever! This app is amazing but have some small things you need to cover so modded free version of Snapchat++ apk has all the features you may need using this program!

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Snapchat++ APK Download For Android

This is very easy for Android devices to install Snapchat++ apk! For this you need to have Snapchat++ apk file, internet connection on your device and Android smartphone there you want to install this APP 🙂

You will get snapchat++ apk free download option below the download link. Simply you can download the apk on your android device. As this is a third party apk, you have to use another apk to get and install easily. Once you install the apk, you need not use this supporting apk anymore. You can use TutuApp to install snapchat++ android version. Follow the instruction to download snapchat++ android for free.

  1. Make sure that your third party or unknown source is on.
  2. Download TutuApp first on your android device.
  3. Now open TutuApp on your device and create a free account.
  4. Close all the pop-up and ads.
  5. Now go to the search option of the app and type snapchat++
  6. You will get many suggestions. Tap on the latest version to begin the download.
  7. Download the apk by taping on the download button. Remember once you tap on the download button it will start downloading
  8. In case of remove, you can pause downloading at the right corner of the app. 9.    Now you have the new snapchat++ android 2019.

How to install snapchat++ Apk on android?

Once you have downloaded the apk, you can install the app easily. Make sure that your third-party permission is on or not. If not go to device setting and turn on the third party app install.

Then, just click on the downloaded apk to begin the installation process. After finishing the installation, simply create a snap++ account with your personal information. Next, you can customize the interface.

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Snapchat++ apk Download for iOS

There is several ways to download and install Snapchat++ version for you device! For example you can use Tutu app or Cydia Impactor and we have covered all the methods just down below, so just choose the easiest for you!


Method 1: Download and Install Snapchat ++ IPA using Tutu app

Tutu app is just another good app if you want to install paid apps for free! If you have Tutu App you can install paid apps from iTunes for free! Also you can install and Snapchat++ version for Apple iOS 11 or Apple iOS 12 version. For this you need to follow this short tutorial here below:

1. First open this url below:


2. Now, hit the Install button then the Tutu App will be downloaded and installed in your iOS device.

3. Now, head over to Settings> General > Profile & Device Management then tap on Trust.

4. Here, you have to open the Tutu app then tap on the search bar.

5. Now, type Snapchat++.

6. Now, hit the Download button.

7. Once, the app got downloaded then install it.

8. And that it! You have successfully installed Snapchat++ app for your iOS iPhone.


Method 2: Download and Install Snapchat++ IPA using Cydia Impactor

You can also use Cydia Impactor to install Snapchat++. First of all you need to download:

When you need just follow these steps:

  • PC/Laptop with any supported OS(Windows/Mac/Linux) and latest iTunes installed
  • iPhone connector USB cable

1. First of all, you have to delete the original Snapchat app.

2. Once downloaded, Cydia Impactor, extract the file to your preferred location.

3. Now download Snapchat++ IPA files.

Once the download gets completed, connect your iOS device to it PC using USB cable.

4. Now, open Cydia impactor app on your PC.

5. Here, it will try to identify your device.

Open Cydia Impactor and it will identify your device
Open Cydia Impactor and it will identify your device

6. Just, drag the Snapchat++ IPA and drop it right on the Cydia Impactor.

Drag IPA file and drop it on Cydia Impactor
Drag IPA file and drop it on Cydia Impactor

7. Now, you have to login using your Apple Credentials.

Login with your Apple ID credentials and it will start sideloading
Login with your Apple ID credentials and it will start sideloading

8. Here, the sideloading will begin.

9. Now, head over to Setting > General > Device Management and hit Trust button.

10. Now, open recently downloaded snapchat app.

11. Now, app icon will be visible on your device.

12. That it! You will find Snapchat++ in you iOS device ready to use.


Method 3: Download & Install Snapchat++ IPA using AppValley

The third method is similar as method 1. As we know that Snapchat ++ is a modded version of the original Snapchat app. Therefore, modded and tweaked apps can’t be found on App Store. In that case, AppValley like app market is very useful.

1. First of all, copy and paste the below URL in your web browser:


2. Now, hit the install button.

3. The AppValley App will be downloaded and installed in your iOS device.

4. Now, head over to Settings> General > Profile & Device Management then tap on Trust.

5. Here, you have to open the Tutu app then tap on the search bar.

6. Now, type Snapchat ++.

7. Now, hit the Download button.

8. Once, the app got downloaded then install it.

9. Voila! You have successfully downloaded and installed Snapchat ++ app on your iOS device.

Snapchat++ Features

  • All the chat history will be saved automatically in your device.
  • Snapchat++ 2019 allows you to download from the chat directly to your device.
  • A well-designed interface allows you to have a feeling of premium apk.
  • Snapchat++ android apk provides you to hide the chat history. If you want to hide targeted chat history, you can do it easily.
  • Snapchat apk 2019 version enables you to put password so that nobody can interface on your snapchat++ android.
  • You will have access to customize the interface to make easier.
  • Snapchat++ android apk helps you to hide your location so that unknown person could not access your location.