If you have found the app called pagebuddynotisvc on your Samsung smartphone and you do not know what this App does you came to the right place. If you saw the unknown app on your device you may think this is some kind of malware or virus and you need to check the app you see suspicious out and today we will talk about pagebuddynotisvc application.

What is Pagebuddynotisvc?

First of all, we need to know what is Pagebuddynotisvc.  In short, Pagebuddynotisvc is a service located on Samsung smartphones. A pagebuddynotisvc is Samsung’s headset. When the headphones are plugged into the telephone, the buttons that are displayed in the notification area are due to that. It’s a wholly benign service but an increase in battery consumption can be due to pagebuddynotisvc. This service also provides error messages after the headphones are on the smartphone.

You can disable it if you would like to but it’s better not to. Proceed to your phone’s Settings then tap and More the Application Manager. Now, choose All to display all of the Apps. If you are positive that you don’t require this service in any respect, you can permanently delete it as well.

This app also helps to send feedback error messages when you connect a headphone to your mobile device.

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Should you be Scared of pagebuddynotisvc

People are scared of unknown things. As we all know many people dislike this app simply because its name looks malicious. The second reason maybe because this app can drain your device battery quickly.

How to remove pagebuddynotisvc

If you want to remove Pagebuddynotisvc app, you need to follow some simple steps but think before removing this app, but if you still want to remove please follow:

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap More
  • Tap on application Manager
  • Select all to select all the apps (3rd party and System apps)
  • Select pagebuddynotisvc
  • Disable it
  • Restart your device.

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A disadvantage or Deleting or Disabling pagebuddynotisvc:

Here’s why you shouldn’t delete this app.

  • You will no longer get notifications on errors regarding your headphones
  • You will not get notifications that your volume is too high which isn’t good for your health.

But what if you deleted the app and you need it back?

How would you do that?

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How to get pagebuddynotisvc back after Delete:

If you want to get the app back you will have to do a full system reset (reset to default settings)

This way you will get all what you had when the phone was bought, expect a rollback on the system update.

Warning: Performing this action can lead to you losing all your files pictures and Videos if you don’t back up.