is the main feature of the visual voicemail application. Visual Voicemail is a feature in mobile phones that allows voicemail messages to be transcribed into text to read them.

Below, you can learn more about this topic, get rid of the function, and fix any problems.

What is

The coremobility app allows the user to store the messages in a smaller disc space, unlike voice messages that take a lot of space. What’s more, the app can work on a tablet, phone, or PC as long as it supports Voice Internet Protocol (VoIP) features.

It is a handy and good feature that comes in Android mobile phones. It is a tool that allows you to transcribe your voicemail messages to a text format to read them. Phones that have to use visual Voicemail have the VoIP feature.

When you listen to a voicemail message, an automated voice will respond, and you can read the number of messages you have. You can touch all the received messages so that you can listen to them, delete them or repeat the messages.

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Visual Voicemail will be able to display all messages and calls as an email. You can use this feature on your computer, laptop, and tablet, where messages can be in the same format. You will have at your disposal all the options and menus to perform any action, such as an email you can send, reply, forward and delete.

Can the coremobility app detect a virus?

This application cannot detect viruses, is a function in package name.

Main benefits

One of the main benefits of this feature is that you can get all the important information and details in one place. You can have them available on the same platform; it saves time doing any work or activity.

Unlike traditional audio Voicemail that only displays unwanted information and repeats many things you don’t need, you won’t have any more boring sounds.


  1. Save disk space

Another advantage of visual Voicemail is that it uses Text files are generally smaller than heavier audio files. Text files take up smaller storage space, saving you storage space.

On the other hand, smaller files will be easier to download and will also be easier to forward to other people.

  1. There are other ways to make it simpler and more comfortable using this function. You do not need to listen to the same message and repeat it to understand it. It is an ideal option to see the message for a better understanding and read it more quickly.
  2. Ease of access

It has easy access to messages; all users can access all the tools and settings of the application. You do not need to install other software to read, delete or reply to the messages. Additionally, it allows you to read your messages wherever you are.

If you are crowded and need to send or receive an important message, the visual voice message application will be very helpful.

But what is the process to disable the feature? Just keep reading, and you will find everything you need to disable

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How to access the application?

The first thing to note is that is a feature that comes pre-programmed on your phone. Follow the steps below:

  1. It is a simple process to access the application. The first thing to do is open your phone’s menu option on the home screen. You can also open the application directly from the settings application.
  2. In the menu bar, you can see the notes You can deactivate and deactivate this function; you can activate it again whenever you want through the configuration menu.
  3. When your mobile phone tells you that the function notes are not available; you can go to the settings and enable it without a problem.

Troubleshooting when stopped

  1. You must touch the Voicemail of the error message or call. You will have all the detailed information about the problems and errors of
  2. A correct way to restore your phone’s visual Voicemail is to reset your mobile signal. You can do this by enabling the Airplane mode option for a few minutes and then disabling it. After this step, the visual Voicemail should be working.

The airplane mode option blocks the WIFI connection and all network signals from your phone. You can check if there are any problems with your visual Voicemail. Even if airplane mode is active, you can use the games or applications such as camera, photos, etc. You can make the network settings you want through the setup menu on the home screen.

  1. If the problem continues, you can restart the device. This step will allow you to reload the applications that are currently running on the phone. It will update all installed apps and all sites on the background home screen.
  2. Go to settings -> application -> Clear cache, clear all application data, and restart vnotes.
  3. If the problem persists, you must force stop and reopen the application, uninstall and reinstall vnotes.
  4. If the above steps did not work, you must restart your device. It sounds a bit simple, but it can fix the problem. You can choose the option of factory reset or hard reset. With this option, you can restore the content or data present in the Google account.
  5. If the steps mentioned above don’t work, you can take the option to root your phone. This option will block your warranty; you must do so after reading the policies of your device. The devices have different rooting methods.
  6. If the problem continues, it is time to seek help and visit the service center.

Notes from used

  1. With this application, you can see all the network connections of the mobile phone. You will be able to check whether a network exists or not, and you can monitor the contacts.
  2. Additionally, it allows users to have all the information about Wi-Fi networks. You will be able to check the username and the Wi-Fi network signal.
  3. It allows knowing the configuration in the mobile phone of the Bluetooth connection and accepting and requesting the paired devices.
  4. Allows you to configure the Bluetooth access settings on local devices. It will be able to pair with remote devices.
  5. This application allows keyword and device lock to be disabled when a call is received. The phone will enable the keyword when the incoming call ends.
  6. Allows the phone to retrieve current information and activities. All users can know what you use on the device.
  7. You can enable access to all users anywhere in the country. It allows you to control the phone contacts and the saved data and the permission to access without confirmation mail.
  8. You can create sockets and other network protocols that allow other applications or browsers to forward the data. There will be no permission to forward the data to any website.
  9. Users will get the settings to modify the audio, such as the audio and the output volume.

How does coremobility work?

Android devices come with many pre-installed apps such as Lia Informant, some of which are not explained. Therefore, users may be left wondering what some apps, like the mean, and what work it does in a device.

Simply put, the coremobility app vnotes helps transcribe voicemails so that the user can access them as text or email messages. This takes up smaller space on a device and allows the user to keep them as long as he intends for future reference.

Moreover, listening to voicemails can be challenging, especially because of sound interference and access issues. All of which compromise data quality. Thankfully, people no longer have to listen to audio messages. But have them as text, courtesy of the visual voicemail app discussed in this article. process

This application allows you to read all the data without any problem. It also allows you to have all the information about your contacts on the phone, such as emails and calls. The access permission will allow you to save your data from the different applications.

Users often share data without having any knowledge of the subject. With this application, users with device log files can access personal information and general information with the potential data that is included in private information and is more public.

  • All users will be able to access current device information and details. As well as the status of incoming calls and the list of accounts that have been registered in the Google account.

It will allow users to read all the application messages stored in the SIM card or the device. Allow the application to have the place with boot completion. It requires the mobile phone to slow down the operating system by having to run sites and tabs on the home screen.

  • With the audio files, you can make an application with the availability of a microphone. Permission will be obtained without email confirmation.
  • You can control the vibrator and activate the screen when the device is sleeping. You can edit the text messages that are saved on the SIM card or in the system.
  • Allows the application to accept permission for the cloud through the mobile phone’s server. Therefore, using the application server will lose data usage, and the application may exceed the mobile phone’s data.

Conclusion is a feature that comes on your Android device and allows you to transcribe all voicemail messages into text messages so that you can read them. The application can be modified with the data of the device’s contacts, with the frequency with which it has sent emails or has called.

It is an application with all the network permissions, such as contacts, the network, storage, and incoming calls. It controls all the functions and can receive detailed information about what is currently running. There is a special Bluetooth accessibility feature, and you can find out what data is used.

It is a safety feature and one that you can easily disable using the steps mentioned above. It can run in the background, and if you are not a regular user of visual voicemails, you can disable it whenever you want.

If has stopped, and you have any problems, you can solve them with simple and uncomplicated steps. You can use the application for a better understanding of your voice messages.