In the fast-paced world of Android apps, installation is a breeze, but the real challenge lies in a clean and complete uninstallation. Don’t let unwanted files clutter your device; discover the top-rated Android app uninstallers that promise not just removal but a thorough cleanup.

The Need for Android App Uninstallers

Installing an app is a cakewalk, but what about uninstalling it completely? That’s where these Android app uninstallers come into play. Let’s dive into the world of efficient app management.

7 Best App Uninstallers for Android

1. Root Uninstaller

Overview: Root Uninstaller is your go-to solution for removing system apps effortlessly. Whether your device is rooted or not, this app gets the job done with speed and simplicity.

Features Details
Rooted Phone Benefits Disable bloatware and stock apps.
Backup Capability Safely back up installed apps to SD card.
Compatibility Works seamlessly on Root and Non-Root devices.

Download: Root Uninstaller

2. Uninstall Manager – App Master

Overview: Simplify your app deletion process with Uninstall Manager. A user-friendly interface, coupled with powerful features, makes it a standout choice.

Features Details
App Presentation Lists installed apps with size details.
Search Option Easily locate apps in a long list.
Batch Uninstallation Uninstall multiple apps in one go.

Download: Uninstall Manager – App Master

3. Uninstaller by Rhythm Software

Overview: When simplicity meets speed, you get Uninstaller. Considered one of the fastest uninstallers, it ensures a hassle-free app removal experience.

Features Details
Batch Deletion Delete multiple apps simultaneously.
Single-Click Uninstall Uninstall apps with a single click.
Information Display View app details like name, installation time, and version.

Download: Uninstaller by Rhythm Software

4. Uninstaller – Uninstall App

Overview: If ease of use is your priority, look no further. Uninstaller – Uninstall App offers a straightforward approach to removing applications.

Features Details
Multi-App Removal Remove multiple applications at once.
Sorting Options Sort apps by name, size, or installation time.
Sharing Feature Share apps with others effortlessly.

Download: Uninstaller – Uninstall App

5. Uninstaller – Quick App Manager

Overview: More than just an uninstaller, this app manager provides a comprehensive solution for app-related tasks. From uninstalling to backing up, it has you covered.

Features Details
Batch Uninstallation Uninstall multiple apps at once.
Backup and Restore Safely backup and restore apps in a single click.
Permission Viewer Check app permissions for enhanced security.

Download: Uninstaller – Quick App Manager

6. Easy Uninstaller App Uninstall

Overview: Fast, simple, and efficient—that’s Easy Uninstaller for you. Reclaim valuable space on your device by removing unwanted apps with just a click.

Features Details
Batch Removal Uninstall multiple apps simultaneously.
Usage and Battery Tracking Monitor app and battery usage conveniently.
Sorting Options Sort apps by various parameters for easy management.

Download: Easy Uninstaller App Uninstall

7. Perfect Uninstaller

Overview: Perfect Uninstaller lives up to its name by offering a perfect solution for app removal. With search and sort functions, managing your apps becomes a breeze.

Features Details
Single and Batch Uninstall Choose between single or batch uninstallation.
Sort Options Six sorting options for a customized view.
View Modes Switch between List (Details) and Grid (Concise) views.

Download: Perfect Uninstaller

Questions and Answers

  1. Q: Why use an app uninstaller? A: App uninstallers ensure complete removal, freeing up space and preventing residual files.
  2. Q: Are these uninstallers suitable for both rooted and non-rooted devices? A: Yes, the highlighted uninstallers cater to both rooted and non-rooted Android devices.
  3. Q: Can I back up my apps before uninstalling them? A: Certainly! Several uninstallers, like Root Uninstaller and Uninstaller – Quick App Manager, offer convenient backup options.
  4. Q: What sorting options are available in these uninstallers? A: Sorting options include name, size, installation time, and more, depending on the uninstaller.
  5. Q: Do these uninstallers provide information about app permissions? A: Yes, Uninstaller – Quick App Manager comes equipped with a permission viewer for enhanced security.
  6. Q: Can I uninstall multiple apps simultaneously? A: Absolutely! Most featured uninstallers support batch uninstallation for efficiency.
  7. Q: How user-friendly are these uninstallers? A: All highlighted uninstallers boast user-friendly interfaces, making app management a breeze.
  8. Q: Do these uninstallers track app and battery usage? A: Yes, Easy Uninstaller App Uninstall provides insights into app and battery usage.
  9. Q: Can I share apps with others using these uninstallers? A: Uninstaller – Uninstall App offers a convenient sharing feature for apps.
  10. Q: Are these uninstallers compatible with the latest Android versions? A: Yes, these uninstallers are designed to be compatible with the latest Android versions.


Effortless app management is no longer a dream with these top-notch uninstallers. Choose the one that aligns with your preferences and bid farewell to app clutter on your Android device.