MIUI 10 is available for Samsung Device officially and you may install MIUI 10 in Samsung apparatus. MIUI 10 is the most recent MIUI version till date & MIUI 10 has some latest features with better ram management and with more battery usage. MIUI 10 has an android pie like volume controls, conventional volume controls are change now means that the new android volume controls are present in MIUI 10. Samsung devices have now MIUI 10 support and better UI.

Samsung comes with UI that is conventional and compares to miui the look and feel of Samsung stock UI are not attractive and too boring. But miui 10 seems are really awesome and attractive. MIUI 9 is lightning fast and also very light skin UI and MIUI 10 is the updated version of MIUI 9. Themes are battery intensive but MIUI topics have easy to manage UI and fast.

Features Of MIUI 10

MIUI 10 Comes with lots of features and with unique customizations. MIUI 10 is stock’s customized version android means miui has a few fast and handy options that you can use also to make your device look more attractive and to navigate through programs.
10 comes with icon package and you can install them using TWRP retrieval but the theme has inbuilt MIUI 10 icon pack and believes me guys these icons look very attractive and easy to navigate while using these icons.

In MIUI 10 upgrade notification bar changes although has a traditional notification bar and you will find the blurry background like iPhone. iPhone has background blur when you’re currently accessing notification bar and now you are getting the identical feature in MIUI 10 theme.

10 dial-pad is different from stock and you will get the miui 10 dial-pad from the most recent MIUI theme.

Will get off the default MIUI 10 wallpapers, these backgrounds are inbuilt because the wallpapers are inbuilt in this MIUI theme you don’t need to download these wallpapers.

Settings will be the feature of MIUI 10 so this is the key Feature of MIUI 10. These settings will help you to browse more fastly.

These All features are the main features but there are various other features Like contact and setting UI changed after installing MIUI 10 theme in Samsung devices. Samsung apparatus UI is not that good but can be changed using this theme. All the icons, backgrounds setting, and other Changes will make your Samsung device more attractive.

Requirements For Installing MIUI 10 Theme-

    • Samsung Android Phone.
    • Samsung Theme Application.
    • MIUI 10 Theme.

Android 5.0 Miui Theme
Android 6.0 Miui Theme

  • No Root permissions are required.

Install Samsung Theme Application-

  • First of all open playstore.
  • Then search for Samsung official themes application.
  • Click install and then wait for downloading process.
  • Once the application downloaded proceed further.

How To Install MIUI 10 Theme In Samsung Devices-

  • You need to download MIUI 10 theme from requirements section.
  • Then after downloading, open file manager and downloads folder.
  • Install the theme from there.
  • Then you need to open the Samsung theme application.
  • From there you can apply MIUI 10 theme in your Samsung device.