Have you ever bought an Android phone and found that while the phone itself is excellent, there are a couple of issues with it since the manufacturer of the phone has plastered its branding everywhere, even down to locking the browser’s home page to a page with their information on it. Your experience can be significantly hindered by things like that for a user. The good thing is that there are workarounds if you are savvy!

Then you may need to go under the hood a little bit and find methods of changing it, if you can not find a means of changing the homepage of the default browser on your own Android smartphone.

How to Setup Content Com Android Browser Home

About- content://com.android.browser.home/

How to Setup Content Com Android Browser Home
How to Setup Content Com Android Browser Home

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It’s something that defines the default homepage in your phone’s web browser. If you want to change it, then there are a few ‘hidden’ ways of doing it.

In most of the devices, you can access this by following these steps:

  1. Open the default internet browser app.
  2. Tap the menu button which most likely is visible on the top-right side of the screen.
  3. Click on the menu that says ‘Settings’ and then drill down to the sub-menu until you find the ‘Android Browser Settings’ option. Once found, click on it.
  4. Open ‘General’ settings.
  5. Finally, click on the ‘Set Homepage.’
  6. Enter the URL you want to set as the default page or simply choose the blank page option.

If you cannot find that option because the maker of the phone has hidden it, then you have another option.

  1. Open the site that you wish to set as your homepage
  2. Press the menu button
  3. Save the page to your bookmarks
  4. Press the menu button
  5. Go to Bookmarks/History
  6. Find the site that you saved, and tap and hold it.
  7. From the menu that appears, choose ‘Set as Homepage.’

Steps to set the Browser home page on the Android smartphone (content://com.android.browser.home/)

  1. Set Up Content Com Android Browser Home
  2. To begin, open the browser application by tapping on the Android browser icon
  3. Navigate to menu (which will be visible at the bottom of the screen) to tap it
  4. Scroll down until you reach Settings Android Browser settings option
  5. Next, tap the ‘General Settings’ option
  6. Lastly, tap ‘Set Homepage’

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Steps to make Chrome as the default browser

1. Start by finding the Google Settings on your Android device. You might be easily able to find it by:

  • Opening your device’s Settings. Then, by scrolling down you will find Google. Just tap on it.
  • Opening the application called ‘Google settings’.

2. The next step involves tapping on Apps

3. Open your default apps

4. Navigate to the top right corner and tap on settings. Under ‘default’, tap the browser app.

5. Then, just tap the Advanced Default apps Browser app

6. Tap on Chrome to make it your default browser

Using this method, you can comfortably establish content://com.android.browser.home/ on your Android device. You no longer will have to be perturbed by the annoying pop up that asks you to choose a browser every time you wish to look up to something on the Internet.