As a smartphone user, a fully charged battery is always a pleasure. No wonder some people carry power banks around to ensure that their mobile device is always charged.

Have you noticed that even when you are not using your smartphone the battery runs down? Most often this is as a result of some apps running in the background. Aside from that, if you constantly engage your device in certain activities, your battery will run down faster.

Find out what consumes the most energy on your smartphone below.

Screen Brightness

The setting of your screen brightness can determine how long the life spans of your battery. In fact, if the screen brightness is set at the highest, then be sure that in less than no time your smartphone battery will run low.

It is always advisable to set your smartphone’s screen brightness to be at a medium level. However, if you can view the characters on your mobile device properly except the screen brightness is at the highest level, then you need to get a power bank.

Data connections

If you are always on the internet, then your smartphone battery will run down faster too. Data connection consumes more than 10 percent of the mobile device power.

Also, in this era, it is very rare to find a smartphone user who is not connected to the internet one way or the other. Connecting to Wi-Fi also drains your smartphone’s battery but as much as when you use your mobile device data connections.


If you enjoy shooting videos with your smartphone device, then you need a power backup because your battery will persistently run down. Also, it appears that taking pictures doesn’t consume more power as much as shooting videos.

Whatever be the case, using your mobile phone camera often will reduce your battery levels.


Whether you are listening to the internet or local radio, both consume power too. More so, the internet radio takes more power because it is connected to the internet.

However, to lower the amount of power consumed when you are listening to a radio on your smartphone, reduce the volume. When the volume is at the highest, your smartphone battery will drain faster.

Mobile Apps

There are some apps that run on your device even when the smartphone is not being used. In some cases, if these apps do not run in the background, your mobile device will not work effectively.

However, you can disable some mobile apps that you don’t use all the time. This way, your smartphone battery will last longer.


Games also drain a lot of power from your battery especially if you love playing online pokies in AU. A game consumes more energy from your mobile phone because of the following reasons;

●      Sound: Playing a game without a sound is not enjoyable, so most gamers always increase the volume to the highest level.

●      Brightness: Also, the brightness of the smartphone is often increased when you are playing games with your mobile device.

●      Buttons: Most often you have to tap your phone’s button to play the games. This action also consumes energy from your device.

Summing Up

If you want your battery life to last longer, then you have to use your phone moderately. Using the phone all the time can on its own consume a lot of energy. However, there are some smartphones that have a very good battery life span. In some cases, a smartphone battery can last for 24 hours without charging it.

Finally, opt for smartphones with a better battery capacity. That way, you don’t need to charge your mobile device all the time.