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close up man talking phone | | Android Safety Tips | Mobile Security

Android Safety Tips | Mobile Security 

The challenge of keeping a PC free from viruses or malware is to keep the smartphone of the modern day free from malware. Technology analysts say that cyber criminals are a bit more focused on smartphones, especially on PCs. That’s why everyone is struggling to…
Tech – Things you need to know 

Many Android smartphone users may ask this question What Is Com Android Server Telecom? Android.server.telecom is part of the native Android OS telephony configuration. This element of code does not pertain to searches or history. It handles three primary functions such as  GSM SIM based…

Mobile Sports Games | | What Type of Phone is Best for Playing Casino Games?

What Type of Phone is Best for Playing Casino Games? 

Playing games on mobile phones has become the new norm. In 2021, over 81% of all video gaming revenue came from mobile gaming, with only 34.1% coming from PCs. With the pandemic and the increased use of digitalisation, almost all of our routines transferred to our smartphones…

smartphone | | Is a Smartphone a Basic Need for Everyone?

Is a Smartphone a Basic Need for Everyone? 

If you look at the global smartphone market, you’ll see that the number of people who own and operate a mobile phone is a staggering 6.648 billion. This equates to some 83.72% of the world’s total population, while if we include the people that own…

power consuption mobile | | What Consumes the most Energy from your Smartphones?

What Consumes the most Energy from your Smartphones? 

As a smartphone user, a fully charged battery is always a pleasure. No wonder some people carry power banks around to ensure that their mobile device is always charged. Have you noticed that even when you are not using your smartphone the battery runs down?…

chatstep | | Top 5 ChatStep Alternatives

Top 5 ChatStep Alternatives 

Most people do not need a group chat service the whole time. While many applications you need to set up passwords and accounts, it is just not worth it for the experience once a year. If you need a private and secure chat room without…

search chests inside containers with windows

Fortnite: Search chests inside containers with windows 

How do containers with windows fit this theme that is spraypaint, you might ask? The Spray and Pray mission is now live at Fortnite, handing the spotlight over to Tilted Teknique for our next group of weekly challenges here in Season 10. One of the…

nokia rm 1035 flash file

Nokia RM 1035 Flash File 

In this article today we will give access to FLASH FILE DOWNLOAD FOR NOKIA 130 DS RM-1035 V10.01.11. If you own Nokia 1035 phone and searching for the flash file you at the right place.  Maybe you are searching this Flash file because you have…

best funny apps | | Top 5 funny apps

Top 5 funny apps 

Today we will try to speak about the funniest apps and games for your smartphone. If you are bored you should definitely try one of these apps and you will LOL. Talking Tom Talking Tom is old app and many of you may know it,…

Ringdroid | | Ringdroid app for android

Ringdroid app for android 

If you are bored of the old and stupid ringtones on your android smartphone and done with listening to the same ringtones all the time then you don’t have to be annoyed anymore because we bring you one of the best android apps available for…