How do containers with windows fit this theme that is spraypaint, you might ask? The Spray and Pray mission is now live at Fortnite, handing the spotlight over to Tilted Teknique for our next group of weekly challenges here in Season 10. One of the prestige missions might provide you a little bit of pause: it is a tiny bit of an item search, something that we’re seeing more and more of this new year, where last year gave its thing hunts entirely around to Fortbytes. It asks you to search chests in containers with windows, which in this case means some spraypainted graffiti of windows. Read on for map, manual, and locations for where to hunt chests in containers with windows.Just like each week in year X, the week two Fortnitechallenges each have a prestige version that’s available after you have done the normal challenges. For this prestige challenge, players will need to search five chests inside of containers with windows.

These windowed containers are largely located in the southeast corner of the Fortnitemap, but they are not easy to find unless you know where to look. To make that a little more easy, we’ve put a map together with the location of all the containers with windows. What you’re looking for is a shipping container of the kind that are scattered all over the map. You’re looking for a white window with a clear blue sky in it. They look like this:

Search chests inside containers with windows
Search chests inside containers with windows

Others have a window on a single side, so you’ll have to keep a sharp eye out. There isn’t a simple way to get in 1 match to five, but if you could it probably wouldn’t help you a lot.

The amount you can get in any match is random. As this challenge requires players to loot chests in the containers. Will you need to reach one of the containers but you have to be lucky enough to get a torso.

Important:  this is one of those challenges, not unlike looking chests in particular locations but with a whole lot less options, and you can’t search a container twice. So if a person gets before you, they will not keep you from finishing the objective but likely blast you with whatever goodies they found inside. It’s a prestige challenge.

Whenever you have the chance throughout the 20, you could complete this challenge by running by some of those containers. Or in case you’d like to have it done you could pick 1 pair of containers that’s out of land and the way there game after game. Eventually the game will randomly pick the containers you maintain landing near if you try enough times, and they’ll have inside that you can search, chests.