Solving Jigsaw Puzzles is a good exercise for the mind. Moreover, solving a puzzle is always entertaining. Completing a jigsaw puzzle reinforces associations between brain cells, that increases our mental ability. Nevertheless, if you are solving a jigsaw puzzle for the first time, you may find it difficult to solve. Well, a jigsaw puzzle cannot be solved without any trick. There are so many tricks to solve a jigsaw puzzle, based on reasoning and logical skills. Hence, it becomes quite important to use those tricks, that will help you to solve a jigsaw puzzle quickly. In this write-up, we will discuss the same.

Tricks for Putting Jigsaw Puzzles in the Correct Order:

You can use many unwritten rules of jigsaw puzzles to put the puzzle in the correct order. Here, we will discuss the five most effective tricks to solve a jigsaw puzzle. These tricks are as follows:

Sort Pieces intro Groups:

You need to turn all the pieces of the puzzle up if you are playing offline. Then you need to sort the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle based on the example of the sampling process.

For example, you are solving a puzzle of a house that has a cat and a flower garden in front of it. First of all, you need to sort out the puzzles of a house. Then after you should focus on sorting out the puzzle that contains a cat, and then the flower garden. In this process, you may end up finding some wrong group of puzzles. Don’t worry, these puzzles will turn up soon.

Assemble the Border:

After that, start assembling the puzzles from the border. See the whole picture and start assembling from the groups of your accumulated piles. You may miss some puzzles while making the borders. Skip the portions as you will find those missing pieces generally in the end.

Assemble Jigsaw Puzzles Based on Colours, Patterns, and Groups:

Now, start solving it, from the group of puzzles one by one. You should start with the easiest shape. This will give you confidence, and you won’t give up on solving it. The trick is also helpful in finding connections. There are mainly six basic shapes in jigsaw puzzles. These shapes are based on numbers of knobs and holes. You can further sort the jigsaw puzzle based on their shapes.

For example, if you are solving a mountain in a jigsaw puzzle. As mentioned in the first trick, you need to sort out those pieces at first, that contains mountains in it. Then again group the remaining puzzle based on the shape.  Follow this process continuously until the puzzle is not solved.

Work on Smaller Sections at a Time:

You should focus on a smaller section at a time. Take an example of building a house in a jigsaw puzzle. You should focus on building the doors of the house first rather than focusing on other portions of the house. In general, the higher the number of jigsaw pieces, the harder the puzzle is to solve. Hence, if you use this trick of working on smaller sections at a time, you can break a jigsaw puzzle to make the solving process easier and faster.

Be Stable:

Building a puzzle is a fun activity but you need to be stable as it takes patience. You should not hesitate in solving the puzzle, this will make the process haphazard.

Online Jigsaw Puzzles:

If you don’t have a jigsaw puzzle to solve, and thinking about buying a new one. Well, let me remind you, now you can play free online jigsaw puzzles games. Besides that, you don’t need sweat on tracking your performance while playing free online jigsaw puzzles games. There is an online time tracker on the website that tracks your completion time. Moreover, there is a comparison table that indicates the time needed by other people to solve the same puzzle. So, why waste your money to buy a new puzzle, when you can play it online.


You need to apply both left and right brain, i.e., logical reasoning and imaginations to solve a jigsaw puzzle quickly. Jigsaw Puzzles increases short-term memory and visual-spatial reasoning. These are also an excellent stress-relieving tool. You need to keep yourself conscious, focused, and use the above-mentioned tips and tricks to solve a jigsaw puzzle faster than ever.