The Google Play Store is packed with more matches than you could be bothered playing in a whole year. While the AR matches Are yet to make it to Android, you still have plenty of regular games already — from unlimited runner to high-graphics games that give even consoles a run for their money, gaming on mobile devices has come a long way.

But what makes mobile gaming a whole lot more fun is the social Aspect of it, and that’s why multiplayer games are all the rage. But what about those times when your buddies are with you and you do not have a good internet connection to play online? We’ve sifted through the Google Play Store to bring you the very best offline multiplayer games for Android right below.

1. BombSquad

Why play alone in a corner when you can gang up with 8 players Connected to a local or networked connection to enjoy any explosive action? BombSquad is a beautifully designed adventure game with ragdoll physics to play a number of sports which range from capture-the-flag to even hockey!

You can pit yourself against your fellow players or join the group to Conquer the computer team in a range of mini-games. You can create your own avatar, place them in a race or play football, all the while attempting to blow up other players with the arbitrary bombs which pop up on the map.

2. Crossy Road

Finally giving meaning to the question”why the chicken crossed the road?” , Cross Road is one of the most popular games across multiple platforms. The whole premise of the game is helping your cute pixelated character cross the busy streets, rivers, and even train paths without being struck.

The 3D retro-style layout is too cool to ignore, but what makes the Game so addictive is the intuitive controls to maneuver your character across. With more than 150 incredible characters to unlock and play with, you and your gaming companion can enjoy endless hours of fun on Cross Road with no active internet connection.

3.  Glow Hockey 2

Remember the good old days when the best place to hang out with your Buddies was the local arcade’s air hockey table? You might have outgrown it, but Glow Hockey 2 brings the exact exhilarating fun into the table, and you’ll always be asking for an additional game.

The multiplayer mode can be played on two different devices or even on A single one (perfect on tablet computers ), with different colour themes and a smooth gameplay that is nearly as good as the real deal.

4. Minecraft

This is a no-brainer for any Minecraft fan to enjoy the artwork of Building a pixelated digital universe on a mobile device. However, what makes this massive and finally limitless open-world game so great is that it is possible to enjoy the block-building mayhem with your buddies with the offline gameplay support.

With interconnectivity support Throughout the desktop and mobile Platform, you can begin breaking down those trees with your bare hands to create your cottage for the night. From crafting weapons for hunting and security, to building a enormous empire with the help your friends, Minecraft is an entire virtual experience.


One game title that’ll often find among the best multiplayer games of All time, BADLAND is a side-scrolling action game that is set in a world of itself. Your task is to control one of those creatures that inhibit a mysterious land and direct it through different scenarios which have obstacles and traps of all kinds.

With multiplayer too and combined modes to enjoy your Gameplay, you can tag up to 4 players to go on an adventure of 20+ levels. Aside from these, you can even create your own levels and challenge your friends in real time to compete with you against the clock.