Apex legends is a battle royale game where players from all over the world participate. These players fight against each other to survive. These games are challenging to play as enemies can attack you from anywhere. By using cheats and hacks in the game, you can perform better and dominate all the enemies.


The cheats are filled with Aimbot, no recoil, ESP, and several other features, whereas by following a few strategies, you can also improve the performance in the game.


In this article, we will discuss some of the best apex legends cheats and hacks, which will answer one of the most searched questions on the internet about the game, “How to get more wins in Apex Legends?”


Apex Legends Cheats and Hacks


Following cheats and hacks can increase your chance of winning the game. So, read on and find out which suits your gameplay the most.


No Smoke or No Fog Hack


Detailed gameplay makes Apex Legends probably the best multiplayer battle royale game. All the players in the game can use perks such as fog or smoke bombs to obscure the vision of enemy players in the surroundings.


With the no smoke or fog hack, you will be able to see clearly through the smoke or fog barrier and kill the enemy.


Zero Recoiling


It would help if you did not take recoiling lightly in a battle royale game like Apex Legends. After shooting, a player needs to refocus all over again when the gun recoils. In the meantime, your enemy can kill you.


This no recoiling hack will ensure that the guns don’t recoil no matter how much you fire.


Fire in Single Direction or No Spreading Hack


While firing multiple bullets in this game, it is natural that the bullets will be fired in multiple directions. So there is a chance that you will waste a lot of bullets.


With this anti-spreading hack, you will be able to fire the exact amount of bullets required to kill the enemy.




With the help of Apex Legends Aimbot, the aim of a player will improve significantly. A player needs to press the shoot button, and the bullet will hit the target.


This bot offers several features such as instant kill, enemy movement predictor, enhanced visibility, penetration checking, and others.


Instant Kill Hack


You will be able to knock your enemy down with only one hit, irrespective of the class of your enemy, and it highly boosts your chance of winning the game.

Strategies to Follow to Get More Wins in Apex Legends?


If you want to win more games in Apex Legends, you need to implement a few strategies. They are mentioned below –


Remain in Secluded Places


The maps in this game are pretty large, and only 60 players participate, so a lot of space remains empty. Choose a drop point far away from the opponents.


When the safety circle gets decreased in size, do not rush to the safe zone. Instead of that, stay on the border of the safe zone, and thus you will be able to kill enemies rushing to the safe zone.


Mislead Players


Sometimes, you may need to mislead other players to win the game. To kill an opponent, you can distract them by using a smoke bomb or fog bomb, which will form a smoke wall around you.


With the help of that, you will not be visible to the players in close vicinity for a few moments.


Listen to Enemies


As this is a high-intensity game and a lot of effort has been put into making the gameplay realistic, you will be able to hear enemies move around you.


Hearing these sounds, you will be able to launch a sneak attack on your enemy, and you will also be able to save yourself from the attackers.


Land on Dropship


At the beginning of every match, you will see a dropship. From the dropship, you will be able to get premium quality gears and advanced shields to protect yourself.


Final Words


As we have concluded the article, we hope that you have finally found the answer to your question, “How to get more wins in Apex Legends?” Follow these strategies and use the hacks to achieve the best performance in this highly competitive multiplayer game.