If you’re penniless and bored (like me, of course), it’s pretty natural to look for free-of-cost games once in a while. I mean, I do it most of the time. And, thanks to my adventurous mind (yes, I’m literally praising myself here), I have found some hidden gems on Steam.

Do you want to know about them?

Well, then, let’s not wait for the grass to grow and jump into the article right away!

Top 7 Free Games On Steam

Just before I get started, here’s a tip for you. If you think that the games available on Steam are too expensive, you can always visit a torrent website like and download whatever you want. Just ensure that you’re using a VPN, and you’ll be fine!

Option – 1: Counter Strike – Global Offensive

Probably the hottest tactical shooter game available on Steam, CS: GO has everything an FPS fan wants. It’s graphically masterful, has excellent gameplay, and comes with a wide range of guns to play with. And, you can find a minor battle royale vibe here as well. So, if you’re looking for something besides PubG, CS: GO can be your ideal escapade, then.

Option – 2: DOTA 2

A MOBA game dating back to 2005, DOTA 2 has been in the market for a while, and it’s still booming. Yes, I know, it might not be as vibrant as League of Legends. But, it’s much better in both the tactical and graphical departments. Also, the game updates almost regularly. Thus, you’ll be able to access new heroes and eloquent skins every once in a while.

Option – 3: EVE Online

A pinnacle of the MMORPG segment, EVE Online has been stellar in the gaming industry since its launch in 2003. However, rather than the graphics or gameplay, what sets the game apart from anything else is the way it’s designed.

Unlike other MMOs, you can be a ranger and a trader here. Also, you can team up with others and battle against the weekly bosses through well-crafted strategies and all. And the game is now available for free. Progress through as you like and create your own legend!

Option – 4: Doki Doki Literature Club

Yes, yes, I know. The name sounds a little weird and all. But you’ll feel that way until you’ve played the game. It’s marvelous from every front, and I meant it!

In the beginning, the game might look like a cheerful classroom drama with some anime-like designed characters. But, the more you progress, the darker the story gets.

Also, just throwing it out there – if you always have been a massive fan of Undertale, I’m pretty sure that you’ll adore this game and the twists it comes with!

Option – 5: Cry Of Fear

Have you always been a fan of the Half-Life franchise? Then, let me tell you about another atmospheric horror game, Cry of Fear.

The whole gameplay is all about exploring through a dark house while relentlessly worrying about getting killed at any time, anywhere.

The only problem with the game is that it’ll end within eight hours or so. But that’s what you get for playing a free game. So, there’s no way I’ll hear your complaints.

Option – 6: The Supper

From a general viewpoint, The Supper will almost seem like a classic adventure with puzzles and all. However, in reality, it’s a creepy story that’ll send chills down your spine.

In the game, you’ll be playing as an old lady who’s running a small inn known for a “special sauce.” However, why and how you’re using it that’s the real question.

Option – 7: The Expendabros

A mindless yet fun action game with a tinge of inspiration from Contra – The Expendabros has everything to offer you a quick adrenaline rush. And the music is hella impressive. There’s no two ways about it.

Cheers To Free Gaming!

So, that’s all I have to say about the free games available on Steam, really. However, I know that I’ve missed out on several ones here. So, why don’t you let me know about them? I can promise you I’ll add them to my article later on.

Anyway, bye for now. See you again in the blog or the comment section if you want to share anything with me.