If you have been reading our posts for some time, then we are sure you know by now that we are huge Android fans. This is because Android is flexible and versatile, allowing its users to achieve a lot of things.

In fact, you are able to do so much more, from drawing to playing casinos en ligne France games, and more. In this post, we are specifically focusing on the Android hacks and tricks that you probably didn’t know about. Trust us; these hacks will come in very handy. Without further ado, here they are.

1. Monitor Your Heart Rate Using Your LED Flash and Camera

With this hack, you will not even need any fitness tracker or any of those fancy devices to monitor your pulse rate. With this hack, you will simply need to place your finger on the LED flash. The app will then use the phone’s camera in order to see the change of color under your skin. This will be able to show how much blood is passing through.

2. Track your Android Phone

It’s not really a great feeling losing your phone or forgetting where you left it. We love that Android has an option where you link your phone to your Google account. That way, as long as your phone is on, the Find My Device feature will be on. This feature turns on automatically.

So, next time you lose your phone while playing at real money online casinos, you can simply visit Android.com. From there, just log in with your Google account and you will be able to see where your Android device is.

3. Lower Display Resolution

If you lower your phone’s display resolution, you will be able to save battery. This is because extra pixels will actually use up a lot of power. Also, you will notice that a higher resolution on your phone will actually cause your phone to heat up and your will experience lags during use. This is caused by a lot of pressure on the processor.

You will be able to use a computer running on ant software in order to change the pixel density, as well as the resolution. You will be able to do this using ADB commands, and the great thing is that you won’t even need to root your phone.