Android is one of the most popular operating software’s that you will ever come across. And because of its popularity, there are always things that we expect from them. Sometimes our expectations tend to be too high and at times they are low. But regardless of all that what we do love is the fact that they are able to deliver. That being said, we shall. Take a look at some of the expectations that the market as well as users will have for Android in 2021.

Android 2021 Predictions

The thing with predictions is that there are simply assumptions that we think might happen after looking at the trends, but there is solid proof of them happening. It’s like playing mobile casinos games, you may predict that you win, but you have no proof that you will win. It is the same with these Android 2021 predictions.

1.      Release Of The Google Pixel Watch

It has been a while since the rumors came out and we believe that this might be the year when Android users get the Google pixel watch. However, there is still no confirmation of this.

2.      Contract Tracing Devices Enhanced Through Artificial Intelligence

Android dopes have contact tracing, but in order to us3, uses must use other third-party applications However, this year might be the turning year for Android as they create some of the apps of their own that will not require the need of any third-party applications.

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3.      5G Might Be The Default Network For Android Devices

5G is here and while very few people use it, we believe that 2021 will see a growth in the use of 5G powered devices. A growth is so big that the smartphones to be released later on this year might solely be powered by 5G network.

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4.      Fall And Rise Of The Android Share Market

Naturally, market fall and rise, however Android has managed to be on the top for while now and their fall might be as a result of the iPhone 12 did you know you can you can download best online blackjack real money app . However, we believe that this fall will be cushioned by the Google pixel 6 and the Samsung.