Parents everywhere want their children prepared for whatever the future holds. Many turn to online coding classes to give them the knowledge they’ll need to navigate tomorrow’s job markets and understand what really drives the digital world.

However, it’d be a mistake to assume that all extracurricular programs with “coding” in the name are equally good. Before signing up your child, here’s what to look for in an online coding class.

Fun and Video Games at the Heart

Just because the summer is nearly over doesn’t mean the fun needs to stop! The leading school season coding classes for kids put video games at the centre of what they do so kids are genuinely excited to learn.

Even beginners can learn how to make a Pac-Man-style game they can show off to friends and family. Creating a game is both a challenge and a game itself. The best coding programs harness gamification dynamics to make sessions exciting. Students will be as hooked on learning as they are on playing video games. After all, when learning and play are this intertwined, students won’t even notice the difference.

In-Demand Coding Languages

Not every online coding program focuses on the same languages. Ideally, they should teach kids how to write code in the languages employers want their employees to know. Usually, these coding languages also power today’s most popular video games, apps, and websites.

Look out for a coding program that teaches the following languages:

  • Python
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • C#
  • C++

They should stimulate students of all experience levels without ever overwhelming them. Each student should get a chance to learn the language and then improve and refine their knowledge before advancing to the next one.

Real Math

Framing the lessons around video games will help kids from noticing that they’re learning foundational math concepts! Even young students learn about vectors and integers. As they advance a bit, they’ll learn about trigonometry.

Look for a coding program founded years ago by a real mathematician rather than someone looking to cash in on the trend of online extracurricular programs launched at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Small Classes, Young Teachers

The best teacher in the world will struggle when there are too many students in a session. Loud, rambunctious environments are the last thing students need.

The best online coding programs cap class sizes at four, so at most, there will ever only be your child and three other students. Ideally, there’s no mandatory minimum, so you know the class will run when you book it. You and your child shouldn’t get your hopes up only for the class to be cancelled because too few other students signed up.

Finally, young teachers are optimally positioned to teach kids video games because they are young enough to have grown up playing computer games at home. Programs that hire young teachers studying computer science and computer engineering are excellent.

If you’re looking for an online coding class for your child, you’re on the right track. Don’t settle for just any program. Look for one that ticks off all the boxes described above, and you’ll be set.