Android Device is management is basically used by IT companies to protect their devices and operating systems. Some android management organizations make it possible by end-to-end security i.e. they manage the network, apps and user data from a single software.

Mobikin Assistant for Android is the best app management software that I had ever used. This software is very easy to use and works fantastic in your PC and Laptop. You can also get the service of backing up your data and restore it whenever you want. All you need to do is just connect your phone with your PC and click on the backup button and all your data will be saved in your PC as a backup and whenever you want to restore it just connect your mobile phone with your PC and click on the restore button and all your data will be restored in your mobile phone, it is that simple. You can also connect your phone via Wi-Fi.

The data that this app will manage is:

User Apps :

This software contains a personal information manager (PIM) that protects your personal information of calendars, emails and your contact list and provides you a safe and secure environment. This will also monitor that any of your mobile application will not send any kind of personal data to another source because sometimes it happens that some apps will secretly send users data to another source without user’s permission and even the user do not come to know about it that its data has been leaked.

 User Messages:

This software also manages your SMS messages and assure you that your personal information will not get leaked and also make a secure environment for your passwords and OTP`s (One Time Password) because someone can easily steal your text messages by some tricks and techniques and easily get all your passwords and other important information about you. But this software will help you to manage your expenses and also show a simplified data of your expenses.

 User Contact List:

This Software also helps you to manage your contacts and even show you the call log which makes it similar to your mobile phone and it feels you like you are using your mobile phone. For security reasons, it will monitor all your call logs and also monitors that someone will not take any kind of personal data from your call because in many cases it happens that the payment information of the user will get tracked by phone and all their bank information gets leaked.

 User Music:

This software also takes care of your music and deletes the files that fill up your phone storage and restricts you to download new music. It also monitors the files that you haven’t used for a long time and deletes them after your permission.

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User Videos:

Videos are the kind of data that will take most of the storage of our mobile phone so we need to delete the unused files time to time and this process is very time-consuming so this software will make that task easy for us it just simply monitors the unused files and show you the simplified data of unused files and after your permission, it will delete all the unused files from your mobile phone and make it clear to store new videos.

 User Books:

Books are the most precious thing for a person who loves to read books and reading new books is the most favorite thing for that person and the situation is very frustrating when you want to download a new book but you find that there is no more space in your mobile phone so this software also cleans up the books that you had completed and not read from a very long time and make a simplified list of that data and delete them after your permission. 

User Photos:

Photos are the only way to keep that memory with you and there are many moments that you won’t capture in your mind and never want to delete them but your phone does not allow you to do that. But this software will solve your problem completely because when we click photos there are many photos that are exactly same to each other but booth the photos acquire space so this software will pick those duplicate photos and show you in a tabular form and if you want to delete them you can delete them and free up some space in your mobile phone.

 Super Toolkit:

This software contains an option of super toolkit where you will find some awesome tools which help you to manage your mobile phone more efficiently and easily. There are many tools like Doctor for Android which helps to recover your data like contacts, SMS. There are tools available for IOS users like Eraser for IOS and Assistant for IOS. 

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Pros and Cons of Using Mobikin: 


Manages the health of the devices – Some companies use these types of software to maintain the high-security level and for good health of their devices because it disables the apps that harm your device or steal your personal data.

 Make your device updated – Companies also prefer to use this software because they keep their apps updated.

 Automatic Registers Your Device – After you buy a new phone there are various software who have their own keys and keeping that key safe is a bit difficult so here the management software comes into play if you have this software all you need to do is click on the confirmation button and your device will get registered automatically.


Risk of Data Leak – Management software is designed with high security but there are still some patches in their security like if you lost your phone unlocked so there may be the chance of data loss.

 High Cost – As management software works very efficiently but as a company, you need to keep a budget in your mind as they cost a little higher to you.

Download: MobiKin Assistant for Android