Seiko is known to be one of the top players in the watch industry. It remains a popular choice among professionals and collectors from across the globe. The brand’s tool watches are the most affordable compared to other luxury watchmakers.

In addition, Seiko watches are crafted with the protection and preservation of the environment in mind, specifically its Save the Ocean collection. It delivers financial and other support to some charity organizations focusing on marine life. A lot of dedication and hard work is put into producing this series. The mission of the Seiko Prospex Save the Ocean collection is to safeguard this legacy for divers everywhere and help protect the world’s oceans today and for future generations.

Hence, here are a few crucial things you need to know about Save the Ocean collection:

 1.The Collaboration With Fabien Cousteau

Seiko came up with timepieces that help conserve the oceans through the watches’ sales proceeds. In collaboration with Fabien Cousteau, an ocean conservationist, this collection was made possible. He is the grandson of Jacques Cousteau, a legendary filmmaker, and scientist who pioneered marine conservation and achieved a UN International Environment prize in 1977.

Following his grandfather’s footsteps, Fabien founded the Fabien Cousteau Ocean Learning Center, an organization that helps bring a positive outlook to our oceans around the globe. It has been the beneficiary of the collection since the beginning of the first Save the Ocean watch in 2019.

 2.The Great White Shark

The very first Save the Ocean watch was launched in early 2019. It was called the Great White Shark since it pays tribute to the ocean’s greatest predator. This timepiece is robust, making it reminiscent of the king of the food chain who roamed the oceans for hundreds of million years.


With its classic and contemporary watch design, it boasts functionality and style. It features a sleek stainless steel body and a rich blue face. It may be a diver’s watch, but it can also be worn in the office or at home as it is at the beach.

 3.The Three Core Models

Upon the launch of this collection, it consists of three well-known core models—Turtle, Samurai, and Solar-Powered Chronograph. There were a total of seven Seiko Prospex Save the Ocean watches, particularly three Seiko Turtle, two Seiko Samurai, and two Solar Chronograph timepieces on the roster. Each model comes with either a black PVD coated case or stainless steel.


In 2020, the series expanded by introducing two more watches with some improvements that delight both professionals and collectors. There were two Samurai and two more Turtle models launched in 2021. These feature an updated dial design.

 4.The Ocean Blue Dial

In terms of functionality, the Save the Ocean collection dial has the usual hour, minutes, and seconds hands with a LumiBrite coating for luminescence in the dark. The crystal is made of sapphire, which adds value to each timepiece. It has an ocean blue theme and a wavy grain pattern that’s like a collage of fingerprints to create a bird’s eye view of the ocean. The blue fading to black at the outer part of the dial also gives a brilliant ocean-deep aesthetic. Additionally, the date complication is housed at 3, under a cyclops-style magnification, which does not interrupt the beautiful blue aesthetic of the dial.

 5.The Perfect Case and Bracelet

The Save the Ocean watches have a robust case made from stainless steel. True to its name, the collection features a water resistance of 200 meters, a unidirectional bezel, and a screw-down crown that is protected by surrounding crown guards. Don’t be a fool thinking that the watches are too big for you because each one is made compact for its size.


On the other hand, the Seiko bracelet integrates perfectly with the case. It is outfitted with a folding clamshell-like clasp to guarantee a secure and snug fit. You’ll never have to worry about losing it either underwater or above.

 6.The Self-Winding Movement

Powered by the Seiko-manufacture automatic caliber 4R35, the Save the Ocean watches are absolutely powerful. The listed accuracy is about +45/-35 seconds a day. Also, it has a power reserve of 41 hours, which is a standard for entry-level automatic movements. Each watch has a fair amount of daily wrist time and it continues to run through its self-winding movement.

 7.The Design Inspiration

There’s no need to think hard about where the design inspiration for this collection came from. Each of the models in the Save the Ocean line features an intricate pattern of the ocean waves on its face and a rich blue hue. The blue whales, one of the largest marine mammals in the ocean, are also an inspiration. These symbolize wisdom and solitude, for they are one of nature’s greatest wonders and prime examples of the importance of promoting marine conservation these days.

Where to Buy the Seiko Save the Ocean Collection

If you have decided to own one or more watches from this collection, be sure to only purchase them from legit authorized dealers and resellers. You can also check out some stores near you that sell these watches. Buying any of these timepieces is never cheap, so you better do your research first as to where you can buy the original ones. Of course, you don’t want to waste your hard-earned money on some fake wristwatch!


The Seiko Save the Ocean collection is more than a dive watch. It’s one with nature as it helps conserve the oceans around us. Once you purchase from this collection, you’re now part of the mission that Fabien Cousteau has started. Not only can you get a timeless and top-notch watch, but you can be an instrument to help out in preserving the oceans. More so, this collection stays grounded both in its design principles and purpose. Seiko watches are known to be reliable, you can even prove that by visiting websites like You are sure to own one that can last for a long time and is worth every penny.