Making and receiving phone calls is really the best and easy way to communicate with one or more persons over the mobile phone. The popularity of mobile phones has made the landline connections almost out of date and even in some places they have been used still now. It creates a situation in which most of the calls you receive will only be unwelcome and you can also get some type of marketing campaigns. Sometimes, you can also receive nuisance international calls, and sometimes the callers will have any intention of getting money from you through cheating. Luckily, everyone can have an option of blocking overseas calls or any other calls on your mobile phone in an easier manner. There are two different methods available to solve this issue and block the overseas calls to become safe at all.

Method 1: Blocking overseas calls through your carrier

Most of the time, the carriers offer the best options to their clients to perfectly monitoring the unwanted calls from miscellaneous persons. The issue of scam calls has been increasing in recent years. It is partly because of some changes of rules about what constitutes as the auto-dialing option given by the network operators. The very good news is that your carrier will perfectly work with you to get rid of such calls. Everyone can able to get a wonderful solution from your carrier. Most of the carriers will give you an opportunity to selectively block numbers or block robot calls.

In order to obtain a complete overview of your options, you should need to make a call to the support line of your carrier or you can access their web based support page. The mobile phone users can also try to register your phone number on don’t call registry. If you put your number on this registry of do not call, you will not get such overseas phone calls and you will be safe at all. This kind of the FTC service selects you out of getting the telemarketing calls. Even though it might not stop the foreign calls, it is really a very good idea to use it. If you still receive a call from overseas, you can also file a complaint with FCC when you have the US based mobile number. Whenever you are using the landline, these options are only limited, so you can try using this method to find the best call blocking solution.

Blocking overseas calls from your device:

If your carrier is unable to block your overseas calls, you can just try blocking such calls from your mobile device. According to the OS and other factors of your mobile phone, you can follow these steps to block the foreign calls.


Whenever you are using the Android smart phone or tablet, you have to keep in your mind that the classification might slightly change according to your carrier but overall it is the standard method for all Android devices.

  • Find your settings menu.
  • Now, you should go call settings and in some devices it might be labelled as call. It is only available in the phone app not in the general settings.
  • In the call settings, tap on block numbers or block contacts.
  • Here, you can add a number which you want to block.

Once you have put any overseas number in the blocked list, you will never ever receive any call from that.


  • If you want to block any number on your Apple iOS device, first you have to create a new contact and add the number you wish to be blocked to this contact.
  • Go to phone settings and tap on available green phone icon.
  • Scroll down and tap calls option and select blocked.
  • Now, you can click on add new option and select the contact which you have created in the first step. It is definitely the best idea to name this contact like international numbers or something like that for your easy remembrance.

There are also some other options of third party applications available to easily and quickly block the overseas calls from receiving to your mobile phone.