How to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac? This is a way to save space on your mobile device and easily edit them. The Mac computer has native tools to resize and organize images conveniently.

One of the popular free dual-pane file managers today is commander one. This is a manager for Mac supported in Monterey that will allow you to transfer photos and videos quickly. It is a program specially designed for users who want a dual-pane file manager for Mac.

The new version of the manager for Mac was recently launched on the market, which has improved and maintained its classic version’s features. It is a program entirely developed in Swift and again offers you the beneficial and fast keyboard and mouse browser alternative.

In addition, it allows you to manage a large number of files in a safe, simple, and efficient way. It can support local and network drives and hide or show hidden files.

Advanced search with RegExp support

This amazing file manager will allow you to use regular expressions to search for any folder or file on any drive and even those compressed. It offers you a faster, more accurate search and distinguishes between lower and upper cases.

  • Search the contents easily with flexible settings

You will be able to search for a file even if you don’t remember the document’s name. You will have the opportunity to choose the text encoding and search for the words in it through flexible settings.

  • Wide search focus

It has a featured search, advanced search, and search by content.

It is a modern and efficient dual-pane file manager for Mac. It is compatible with MacOS 10.12 and later and requires 58.68 MB of free space.

The most feature-rich free file manager for Apple available

How to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac? The new version of this famous file manager is your best choice. It offers you a wide variety of special tools for any user. It allows you to create, delete, move, copy and rename your files and folders in no time.

You will have the opportunity to rename the folders when moving or copying them. Also, it allows you to use two panels at a time and set your access keys to having a personalized manager. In other words, its interface will allow you to display two sections that will correspond to locations on your Mac, whether on the hard drive, on the network, or on Internet servers.

On the other hand, it is an excellent alternative to MacOS Finder. It’s a free program from Apple that gives you special features to enhance your Mac file management experience. It’s perfect for beginners and professional users who want more control over their files and documents. Get ideas from Phone Repair Depot about enhancing Mac and Apple products.

Among the most important functions of commander one are:

  • Fonts and colors

You will have the opportunity to choose the color scheme you like the most and attractive to your eyes.

  • Topics

The new version has included various color themes to customize your admin and have a unique look.

  • Show hidden files

They feature a toolbar button that allows you to show/hide hidden files on your Mac.

  • Customizable hotkeys

With this program, you can enjoy quick access to have an individual panel that meets your needs.

  • Brief mode

You will have the opportunity to manage and view multiple folders and files simultaneously.

  • Unlimited tabs

It will have two panels with an unlimited number of tabs for users’ convenience.

  • More convenient item selection

With this manager, you can select the files you want to work with.

  • History and Favorites

You’ll have easier and faster access to your favorite folders and already open folders or files.

  • File operations queue

Another major feature of this manager is that it can queue file operations.

  • Built-in file viewer

Binary and hexadecimal files are fully supported, including multimedia, image, text, and HTML.

  • Postal support

You will have the opportunity to archive and extract ZIP files with complete comfort and without problems.

  • root access

With the new version of commander one, you will be able to get more access to your files.

  • List of computers on the local network

Computers found on the network will be detected and displayed in the list.

The best way to manage your cloud and network servers in one place

How to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac? The proper and effective way to access, manage, and transfer your clouds in one place is through Apple’s best free file manager.

  • FTPManager

You will be able to connect to remote servers via SFTP, FTPS, or FTP. Thanks to its two panels, you can enjoy faster and more effective work on all remote operations and files regardless of size.

In addition, it will allow you to store all your server settings and passwords safely.

  • Dropbox

You can have different Dropbox accounts and share files from Dropbox to your Mac computer from the app. You can use Dropbox Business with this manager for a better experience and great management and support features. Security.

Additionally, you will be able to show your Dropbox online without installing it on your Mac, and you will be able to copy your data.

  • Google Drive

You will be able to manage your documents and sheets through a modern, friendly and efficient dual-panel manager. It also allows you to get a shortcut to the “Shared with me” section of Google Drive.

This manager allows you to have several Google Drive accounts to work online more conveniently.

  • WebDAV client

It is a program that uses different connections to transfer videos and photos and delete or view remote directories.

It is the best way to have more control over creating, viewing, editing, and uploading files.

  • Amazon S3 client

This program will also allow you to work with Amazon’s durable, secure and adaptable object storage. It is an excellent opportunity to connect and manage the data stored in your Amazon S3. Plus, you’ll be able to link your entire Amazon S3 account with ease.

  • OneDrive

You’ll be able to set up your OneDrive accounts as local drives to conveniently work on remote files just like you would from your computer. Thanks to its dual-pane feature, you can quickly perform your move, copy, download, upload, cut, delete, create a folder and rename operations.

  • BoxCloud

You will be able to have direct access to your files in the Box cloud, and you will be able to set up multiple accounts simultaneously. You’ll be able to share your Box files on your Mac and download and upload documents and images to the Box cloud drive or share them directly from the file manager.

  • OpenStackSwift

From commander one, you will be able to mount OpenStack storage on your Mac and connect multiple accounts.

  • Backblazr B2

You will have the opportunity to connect to your B2 cloud storage on your Mac without hassle. Additionally, you will be able to integrate multiple accounts on both the Backblaze network unit and a local one.

Work with all the content of your devices, both iOS, and Android

How to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac? As you can see, this dual-pane file manager offers you all the features you need. You will be able to import and transfer photos and videos from your Android or iOS device.

  • iOS file transfer

You will be able to mount your iOS device easily and whenever you need to your PC with a USB cable. It’s your chance to transfer files and pictures from iPhone to Mac or vice versa in 2 panels. You’ll have faster access to your photos on your iPhone to edit them on your Mac and then back to your mobile device.

  • Android file transfer

With the file manager, you will have the opportunity to listen to music from your Android device, view photos, and watch movies on your Mac. You can do all this without copying anything to your Mac, but if you want, you can also copy files from your Mac to your Android or vice versa.

  • MTP file transfer

You will be able to manage and access the data in your photo or video camera through the MTP connection application. It is an excellent opportunity to browse your videos or photos conveniently and safely on your Mac screen.

  • Archiver for Mac

This filer for Mac offers you simple and fast work through different types of files. You will have more freedom to work with TGZ, ZIP, TBZ, RAR, 7z, etc. Currently, this administrator is working on updating its functions and being able to add new types of files.

  • Process management

With the commander one program, all processes are executed easily and can be managed without any problems. You will be able to get the complete information about each file, and they will be displayed on the screen in an orderly manner. In addition, you will be able to exit any process whenever you want with one click.

It is a 100% secure file manager with many new and useful features to help all Apple users. Thanks to its latest version, you will be able to enjoy improved performance.