At present, mobile device and internet technology plays an important role in every human life. In which there are different types of mobile brands are available in the market, where each of mobile devices has different technologies. Now, many people are using the mobile device for communicating with their family members, friends and other people who are living in distance area for sharing the thoughts. Usually when you are not in the position to answer the call, then it is automatically forwarded as a voicemail to concerned person. This is found to be a great setup that works on mobile devices. This is found to be a great technology that helps you when you are at busy work in which you can also forward the unanswered calls on the iPhone device. The process of forwarding the unanswered calls to iPhone device is called as conditional call forwarding where this can be done by changing the settings in your mobile device. You can also trigger when your call is unanswered when you line is busy or unreachable.

The valuable feature of any service is call forwarding that makes sure you never miss an important call whether you are in business meetings, waiting to hear about job, waiting for the notification of something you can make use of call forwarding technique. Not all mobile device carries the Apple’s built-in forwarding so many of the users find it easier to use the star code where this will work anywhere in the country. There are multiple ways are out in which you can setup the call forwarding techniques in your iOS mobile device where the process is very simple and it is a simple native feature that helps you in forwarding your unanswered calls to your mobile device. This method of call forwarding is very useful to the users where they will not be missing the phone calls once if they are setting up the call forwarding feature on in their mobile device.

Steps to forward the unanswered calls on iPhone device

Call forwarding is found to be best feature which is available in most of the mobile devices. This feature provides more benefits to the user for example if you are in your business meetings or in any other busy schedule then it featured helps you a lot where you don’t need to miss any calls. Moreover, this feature will be also applicable for forwarding your all-incoming calls from one particular mobile number to another one which can be done through contacting the service provider. Call forwarding is a very basic thing in iPhone device where it is a simple on-off setting with the ability to configure the number to which you need to forward your calls. Below are simple steps which you need to follow for forwarding the unanswered calls on your iPhone device.

  • As a first thing you need to open the phone app in your iPhone device
  • Then you need to select the keypad and enter *61* and then the phone number to which you want to forward your calls followed with # symbol
  • Finally, you need to press the dial and wait for the confirmation

Once if you follow the above steps then your unanswered calls will be forwarded to the particular mobile number where you no need to miss the phone calls when you are in meeting, traveling or if you are in the situation where you cannot answer the phone calls. This feature helps the iPhone user in many ways just by forwarding the unanswered phone calls to another number so that the user will not be missing out the important calls when he/she is in busy work or meetings. If you are using iPhone mobile device then just by following the above simple steps you can switch on the call forwarding option in your mobile device by making simple changes in your mobile device. Nowadays, many users have be benefitted with this feature in the mobile technology because it helps them to avoid missing out the calls as the call forwarding option is activated in their iPhone mobile device. Try to follow the above steps in your iPhone device so that you can also avoid missing out the calls.