Receiving calls from numbers that are unidentified is just annoying. What’s even worse are calls from callers without a caller id, and unknown. Needless to say, the FCC mandates that attorneys aren’t permitted to block their numbers, but without a way to follow back a call to an individual or a company, this law is toothless. Then it’s up to us to put an end if the government is not likely to stop telemarketers, scammers, and other nuisance callers from obstructing their numbers. We can block amounts, and there are a few procedures to prevent calls from numbers.

If you are looking to block anonymous or personal numbers from calling you on your iPhone, the fact remains that there aren’t any easy means to do so. Unfortunately, despite having that attribute built-in to most android apparatus, iPhones do not have the choice to block private or unknown callers in their preferences. We recommend not to bother paying for any programs which may advertise call as they don’t have any method of blocking amounts that are hidden or unknown. Let’s get started and try to block nuisance calls on our iPhones.

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How to Block “Unknown Caller” & “No Caller ID” on iPhone

how to block unknown calls on iphone
how to block unknown calls on iphone

This is very easy to do, just follow this simple tutorial down below:


  • First, we need to open the Settings app on the iPhone and select  “Do Not Disturb” TAB.
  • Now you need to select the tap next to “Manual” to the ON position – this will turn on Do Not Disturb mode which essentially keeps your phone silent, we’re going to customize this though


  • Now you need to select “Allow Calls From”, from here you have two options for restrictions
  • You can choose “Favorites” if you only want your ‘Favorite’ contacts to be able to get through to your iPhone, this is an acceptable solution for people who have their family, friends, and other important people on their iPhone Favorites list, but never get calls from anyone else not in ‘Favorites’
  • OR you can choose “All Contacts”, which will allow phone calls to come through from anyone in your Contact list (not just Favorites) but not anyone who isn’t already added to your address book – this is the better solution for many, since obviously, an Unknown caller, solicitor, or “No Caller ID” call won’t be in the address book of your iPhone, but if everyone you do communicate with IS in your iPhone contact list, you won’t miss their calls


  • Exit out of Settings and enjoy your new peace and quiet.

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How to Block “No Caller ID” Calls on Your iPhone

For this there is no working method you can do on your own, you need to contact your currier and he can block all No caller ID calls for you. You just need to tell them you do not want to receive calls from:

  • No Caller ID

  • Unknown Caller

  • Private Caller

  • Anonymous Call

  • Anonymous

  • Blocked Call