Couchtuner is undoubtedly among the greatest sites to see TV shows online without spending any cash. You do not have to register or subscribe or register an account to stream these videos. It doesn’t host any content, instead it frees you to different streaming sites. But it comes with some disadvantages also. The choice of name is sort of restricted, and at times the streaming videos are evaporating. The user interface isn’t friendly in any way. In this guide, we’ll explore some of the most popular Couchtuner options to flow movies and shows.


However, as the saying goes, “Change is the only constant.” Due to various factors, Couchtuner, like many other free streaming sites, may sometimes become inaccessible or unreliable. When that happens, you need alternatives that are reliable and ensure you don’t miss out on your beloved content. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll present the 21 best Couchtuner alternatives for 2023, each offering unique benefits and a wide array of streaming options.

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Best Free Sites like Couchtuner

1. The Dare TV (

The Dare TV is the best and most popular free Couchtuner alternative out there. It mainly focuses on TV shows, but it has movies too. It redirects you to different websites for streaming. The menu lists all of the streaming categories like TV Shows, Movies, Box office, latest shows etc. It also displays the airing time of the shows. You can download the shows to view them later offline.

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2. Cucirca (

Cucirca is another great website which only focuses on popular TV shows online. It has a vast database of TV shows which is quite impressive. You can even request a particular TV show. It doesn’t host any videos, instead it redirects you to different streaming sites. It is not necessary to register or subscribe to use this website. The site is not appealing and the navigation is very poor.

3. ProjectFreeTV (

ProjectFreeTV is another great website you can visit to watch popular TV Shows online. It solely focusses on TV Shows and not movies on this site. The site acts as a third party media streamer, it doesn’t host any shows. It redirects you to different sites for streaming the shows online. The layout is rather simple and it does not sorts the shows into categories.

4. Crackle (

The popularity of Crackle is always growing as an online streaming website. The free site is updated with the latest movies and TV shows. If you want to watch something fresh, you must go with it.


This site comes with a simple and straightforward interface for the users. It doesn’t have a lot of ads and a clean user interface. The site is updated regularly with latest content.

6. Watch Online Series (

Watch Online Series is another excellent website which works as a search engine for streaming platforms. It has a huge database with streaming links and you can search the favorite movies in HD and shows without downloading them.

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7. Watch Series (

You can visit Watch Series to watch your favorite movies and TV Shows. It is a quite popular and a highly reliable site. The vast database makes it easier for you to get what you are looking for. The layout is awesome, and it is extremely easy to navigate through the menu. It also has a vast collection of TV Shows like The Walking Dead, Vikings, The Punisher, Criminal Minds etc. The site is updated regularly with the latest episodes.

8. Movies HD (

Movies HD is a website where you can watch movies online for free. You can watch both new and old movies, and you can browse them by Popular, Top Rated, This Year, and more.

9. TVMuse (

TVMuse has a huge library of videos for free. The content is classified under various categories to choose from. It includes Film News, TV News, Movies, Documentaries, TV Shows, Web Originals and more. The simplicity of the design is the most appealing thing to the users.

10. 123Movies (

123Movies takes the top spot on our list for many compelling reasons. This free movie streaming platform boasts an extensive and diverse library of movies and TV shows, ranging from the latest blockbusters to timeless classics. One standout feature is the ability to filter content by country, making it ideal for exploring international cinema. Its user-friendly and well-organized interface allows you to quickly find the content you desire. Moreover, 123Movies frequently updates its database, ensuring you have access to the latest releases. For high-quality streaming without a subscription, this platform is a favorite among movie enthusiasts.

11. Watch Episode (

You can consider Watch Episode heaven if you are a TV show lover. It has a huge database of content from The Walking Dead to Game of Thrones. The site has everything which can be accessed for free. You can even stream the movies without signing up or registering on the site.

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12. CMoviesHD (

CMoviesHD is another website where you can watch movies. It’s not as popular as Couchtuner, but you will love it. The site has a good collection of TV series which you can binge on and it has all the latest content in this site.

13. Vidsturm (

Vidsturm comes with a huge catalog of latest movies with it. The beta version is specially designed for those who love to watch drama shows and stream online TV shows.

14. The Series Online (

Recently, a lot of people is using the site to watch their favorite shows and movies. It has a content-rich database to satisfy the wishes of each of their customers and you will never get disappointed by visiting the site. The website is regularly updated with new content. You may choose to register an account here. In order to get notified of recent releases, you must obtain the subscription of the site.

15. Café Movie (

It is one of the most trending websites available for the people who are looking for alternatives for Couchtuner. It has an excellent library of movies and TV shows. The content is properly organized to avoid any confusion among users. It also has a large collection of classic movies as well. The content is available in various genres and multiple languages.

16. Putlocker (

Putlocker is a long-standing and trusted name in the streaming world. With an extensive library of movies and TV shows, it caters to a diverse audience. Putlocker is known for its user-friendly interface, which makes navigation a breeze. The site offers well-organized content categorization, ensuring you can quickly find what you want. If you appreciate straightforward access to high-quality content, Putlocker is an excellent choice.

17. StreamMyMovie (

This site is a great alternative to Couchtuner, and it has tons of latest content including movies, dramas, and video. You can watch your favorite movies and shows from the library.

18. Movie Watcher (

You must consider this site when it comes to watching movies and TV shows. It is a free movie watching website where you can get access to without paying a single penny. Although, you have to register for a free account to stream your favorite movie, unlike Couchtuner. Y, u will have full access to H, quality content after registering the account. You can even download the movies and then watch it later offline. The design of the site is simple, and the interface is clean and clear and it is very easy to navigate. The site has sections like Coming soon, Popular Movies, New Movies, and New TV Series.

19. Rainierland (

Rainierland offers you ease of access to high-quality movies and TV shows. Here, the movies do not playback itself, but it contains all the working links to the movies and shows.

20. Movie 4 U (

You can watch your favorite movies from the endless list of movies in HD quality with a single click. It is a free website is free and you don’t have to download the movies and shows for watching.

21. Popcornflix (

The Popcornflix is an app which is available for both Android and IOS smartphones. It contains a lot of movies and TV shows based on their genre to watch directly on your phone. The search and browses function of the app is very easy to operate for the users.

22. IOMovies (

A free website to stream your favorite movies and TV shows for free. The really nice layout of the site plays a significant role to enhance your streaming experience. It offers the content in HD quality, making it the best CouchTuner alternatives discussed till now. The design videos are arranged according to categories such as Latest Movies, TV Series, Greatest Movies, etc. The Suggest Me option helps you to select movies and TV series according to different genres and years. The site is updated regularly so that you enjoy the latest shows as soon as they are related.

23. Primewire (

Primewire has a huge database of movies and is one of the most popular sites in this domain. You don’t have to download to watch the movies and shows online. It also sorts the movies into categories before showing the full list to the users.

24. Alluc (

Alluc is a free search engine using which you can search for your favorite movies, shows, and videos from various other online streaming sites. You can also download the videos instead of watching them online. You can use the huge high definition content of the site for free as well. It is extremely easy to navigate and it provides a unique user experience.

25. Series Craving (

Series Craving is one of the best and most popular CouchTuner alternatives available out there. This website is completely dedicated to TV series and TV shows rather than music or movies. They have some popular TV shows, including Friends and Game of Thrones. It gets updated as soon a new episode of a TV show is released. Due to all these reasons, it is one of the best sites like Couchtuner to be used right now.

26. Series Online (

Series Online has a large collection of movies from several genres like action, crime, comedy, Sci-Fi, horror etc. you download the videos to watch them offline later. It is a beautiful website, with an awesome interface. You can search for any movie and shows in the search bar. It is not necessary to subscribe or register to use the website. If you want to get notified about the latest movies and TV shows, then you must register or subscribe to the website.

27. Tubi TV (

Tubi TV is a nicely designed website with a unique user interface to enhance your user experience. In order to stream their content, you have to register first. It comes with a huge amount of awesome content of classic movies and shows. You don’t have to pay a penny to watch the shows on the various genre like Most Popular, Horror, Action, Comedy, latest releases and more.

28. Cafe Movies (

Cafe Movies is one of the great sites where you can watch both old and new movies and TV shows. The content is arranged in a clean and orderly manner. The clear interface and navigation of this provide a unique user experience. Although it is a free site, you need to make an account first to watch your favorite Movies and TV Shows. The content comes in multiple languages as well.

29. Couchtunerhub (

As suggested by one of our readers, Couchtunerhub is also one such good alternatives for your favorite Couchtuner website. You can also suggest Couchtuner alternatives if you know any.

Alternative Apps

Show box is a native app for your phone where you can watch shows and movies on the go. This app is only available to download from their site and it only works on smartphones. However, you can use BlueStacks to install and use the app seamlessly on your computer.

Best Paid Sites like Couchtuner

1. Netflix

Netflix is one of the most popular websites where you can watch either your favorite HD movies, original content or TV shows. It is one of the best Couchtuner alternative available there. It has an awesome streaming service, and you can enjoy it if you have a registered Netflix account. It comes in 3 plans: basic, standard and premium.

2. Select TV

The Select TV also has a vast library of series, movies and TV shows like the other streaming services. Additionally, it also has games, events, radio channels and more making it a complete entertainment package. The look and feel of the website are really appealing. You have to pay a monthly payment of $2 to avail these services.

3. Hulu

Hulu is another awesome movie and shows streaming service which notifies you about the release dates of upcoming movies, TV shows or videos. It has a vast library of exclusive high definition content.

4. Amazon Prime Video

Another amazing streaming service available today and owned by Amazon is Amazon Prime Video. You can watch the latest movies, exclusive TV shows and original content for $99 or Rs 999 for a year.


Q1: Are these alternatives completely free to use?

A1: Yes, the mentioned alternatives such as Soap2Day, Popcornflix, Tubi, Vumoo, and 123movies offer free access to their content. However, it’s important to note that the availability of free content can vary, and some platforms might offer premium options as well.

Q2: Do I need to create an account to stream content on these platforms?

A2: Most of these alternatives provide a hassle-free experience by not requiring user account creation. You can usually start streaming immediately without the need for sign-ups. However, some platforms might offer additional features for registered users.

Q3: How do these alternatives compare in terms of content variety?

A3: Each alternative has its own content library and variety. While some platforms like Tubi and 123movies offer a diverse range of movies and TV shows, others like Popcornflix focus on specific genres or even produce original content. Exploring multiple alternatives will help you find the one that aligns with your preferences.

Q4: Are these alternatives accessible globally?

A4: These alternatives are accessible from various regions, but availability might vary due to licensing agreements and geographical restrictions. It’s advisable to check the platform’s terms of use and regional availability to ensure smooth streaming from your location.

Q5: What are the risks of using free streaming platforms in terms of security and legality?

A5: Free streaming platforms can sometimes host content without proper authorization, potentially infringing on copyright laws. Additionally, some sites might have intrusive ads or links to potentially malicious content. To ensure safety, opt for legal and reputable platforms, use ad-blockers if necessary, and consider using a reliable antivirus software.

Feel free to explore these alternatives with caution, considering your entertainment preferences, legal obligations, and online safety.

Final Words

We hope that we have listed the best couchtuner alternatives which is available online. There are many movies and shows streaming websites and apps which are better than Couchtuner. You can either watch the movies and TV shows for free or pay a small amount. So enjoy your favorite movies and shows by visiting these websites and apps.