If you’re movie addict and like to spend the spare time whilst watching movies than you have to have heard about Rainierland. Rainierland is free film watching website that has enormous content related to each category. Rainierland is quite popular with different people in the world due to its outstanding features and effortless access procedure. Unlike other movies site like Hulu and Netflix on that you will need a proper subscription and need to pay a tiny amount each month, Rainierland is free for use. Rainierland.com is or was a place to achieve movie streaming in a simple manner. However, on the other hand sites like Netflix upload legal content and it’s violating any law.


Although Rainierland is a quite common website that ha tens of thousands of viewers but still people have numerous questions associated with it. Either it’s legal? Seeing a film over Rainierland can lead them to any type of punishment and far more. In this report, I will clear all of the confusion associated with Rainierland.

Features of Rainierland site :

  1. The first of all is it’s completely free.
  2. Rainierland offers hundreds of movies, dramas, seasons, and much more to its viewers.
  3. All the videos and episodes are of high quality.
  4. It allows its users to easily catch up all the new movies and seasons in only a few clicks.
  5. No ads or any other interruption while watching an episode.
  6. Extremely convenient to use even if you are using it for the first time, you will get to know all the features at once because of its simple interface.
  7. It involves no downloads.
  8. All the content is updated regularly, making sure that you can enjoy to your fullest. it updates the data every 4-5 days and includes all the latest movies and seasons.
  9. No sign-up or credit card details needed.
  10. The homepage has a number of featured movies that you can watch.
  11. You can watch the most popular seasons like games of thrones, walking dead, and breaking bad, Daredevil and many others.

Is Rainierland Safe

People are asking the similar question for sites like kissanime, 123movies, putlockers and many more. These sites are not entirely safe but not harmful to the general user. If you are using an ad blocker or contain an antivirus with your browser, then you are safe from it’s threats.

Mainly people who do not have money to pay to the streaming sites to watch movies and other option, use rainierland pages to pass their time or enjoy it. If you are not one of them, then try paid one because security is a concern for you then.

I can not consider it safe for anybody. In case, please install a paid or free version of any antivirus to secure your data to internet threats. It is easy to get the antivirus on the internet due to numerous choices.

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Is Rainierland Legal Website?

In 2016, all of sudden the owner of website “Rainer Tamayo” was arrested for running a pirated site. After that many people were wondering what will happen to the website. If they will shut it down or it will keep running. But for you, all the site was left untouched at that time. Later on, it was heard that Rainierland stopped streaming videos. Now people are wondering that is this website still working illegally and what the future of Rainierland is. So I am touching these two topics below.

So for your information. Yes like many other pirated sites like a torrent, Rainierland is also an illegal website. It uploads the content that doesn’t belong to them and they don’t produce their own content. Clearly, Rainierland is violating a copyrights laws. But it doesn’t mean that watching a movie on Rainierland means, you are committing a sin. Or someone will come and arrest you for doing so. It’s not like that. You can still watch movies without any fear. Just turn off your location before approaching the website or use VPN to hide IP address in order to avoid any kind of legal issues.

But if you are still not satisfied and you don’t want to watch movies on Rainierland, so there are other options too. You can go for Netflix or Hulu that requires a subscription and are totally legal websites.

Best Sites Like Rainierland

However, you need to stay cool and complete the reading of the following article to find the best sites like rainierland. Lots of forum have the suggestion related to the issue of it’s not working. There are numerous choices other than official term that  prefer by geeks to enjoy cinema on online platforms.

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Here are all the details you need to know before watching movies on Rainierland. In short, it’s a free movie watch website that has thousands of movies and dramas related to different categories.