Ludo, as we know it today, saw its origins in the ancient Indian game of Pachisi which can be traced back to the 6th century. Ludo is a ready favorite of adults and kids alike the world over.

The number of players varies from 2-4, and the objective is to take their tokens safely to their destination via the home column. Each roll of the dice determines how many steps the token will move forward in a clockwise direction.

To win, the player needs to get all the tokens over the finish line before anybody else.

Ludo has come back into the limelight thanks to all the time people have had on their hands due to the pandemic. It remains one of the most popular online games, even with normalcy returning.

As an added bonus, you do not need to go looking for people to play with you, thanks to the multiplayer mode present, which matches you with people looking to play Ludo.

Ludo is both a simple and addictive game that will keep you coming back for more. It’s a great way to while away the time while waiting for an appointment or on hold with your bank, or taking a quick break from work.

Here are some of the best online platforms to try your hand at Ludo:

  1. Ludo King:

Ludo King is excellent for bringing friends together, irrespective of their geographical location, for a game of Ludo, even though it’s virtual. As it is now available as a handy app for your phone, it has moved from your living room to your device.

  1. Ludo All-Star:

Ludo All-Star is the online version of the childhood favorite that can be played in real-time and is family-friendly. So get on the Ludo wagon and take a nostalgic trip down memory lane in a fun-filled virtual setting.

  1. MPL Ludo:

Ludo on this platform offers two unique takes on this classic board game for the discerning fan.

First off is Ludo Win – a fun variant where you begin the game with three tokens and unlimited moves. However, you are in a race against the clock to score higher than your opponent and win the game.

The other version is called Ludo Dice and also has a time limit, just like Ludo Win. Taking out your opponent’s pieces gives you a higher score.

Square off against an online player and overwhelm them with strategy and cunning. Practicing in the training mode and honing your skills before challenging a player online is also possible.

  1. Ludo Club:

With Ludo Club, your search for a multiplayer ludo app for playing ludo with your friends and family has come to an end!

Pit yourself and your arsenal of wits against other players in this engaging game that was once a favorite among the royals of ancient India. Tempt your fate with every roll of the die, and pick a strategy as you get closer to experiencing triumph.

The best thing about Ludo and what makes it irresistible is its ease of play, both in respect of mastering the game and the fun-filled experience it guarantees. Before you know it, a considerable amount of time would have gone by.

  1. Ludo Talent:

Ludo Talent stays true to the classic nature of the Ludo game and doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel. While in the middle of a game, you can communicate with your opponents should you choose to.

There are both offline and online modes and a series of weekly tasks and in-game rewards to keep things interesting. Additionally, Ludo talent has a desktop mode as well for your convenience.

  1. Ludo League:

Unlike the traditional Ludo format, the multiplayer mode in Ludo League allows up to 6 people to play at a time. There is also a two-peg version, where each player has only two pegs on the board. Perfect when you’re looking for a short game to distract and destress.

  1. Ludo Supreme:

Ludo Supreme, just like the classic Ludo, aims to replicate the same fun experience for all players in a virtual setting. Any number between 2-4 players can play at once.

The interesting twist here is that you don’t need to roll a six to take your token out and begin moving. All the player tokens are already in an open position. Further, for each token that is taken home, the player earns an extra 56 points.

  1. Ludo Premier League:

Ludo Premier League is one of the more popular platforms to test your Ludo skills. The large volume of users means that you will always have enough opponents to test your skills against. You can have a better gaming experience by participating in the tournaments or the one-on-one battles that go on around the clock.

There is even the option of squaring off against the people at home with the local multiplayer option.


From its ancient origins as Pachisi and being a favorite of the royals who once ruled India, the game of Ludo has come a long way and is now accessible to anyone who chooses to play.

Whether you wish to play on your well-worn and physical Ludo board with the family or looking to challenge random strangers the world over with the virtual version of Ludo, the popularity of Ludo has never waned and only increased over time.

An article appearing in The Hindu is a testimony to the everlasting popularity of the game, with people spending at least 30-40 minutes on it every day!