One of the important points for success and access to more interesting content is the game level and gold – in FF 14 these are gils and in order to discover the most interesting aspects of the game world, you need to be able to farm gils and know all the ways to speed up your leveling.


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Ways to level up a character and speed up this process in Final Fantasy 14

Story line


The variation of character leveling, which is classic for many MMO RPG projects, primarily comes down to special quests that tell the general story of the world in which events unfold.


Main quests are always used by developers in order to solve several problems at once:


  1. Tell players the general history of the Final Fantasy world.
  2. Provide a tool for constant and essentially continuous experience.
  3. They invest training in many game mechanics by types of quests, so that the player, upon completion of them, knows and understands the world of FF 14 better.


According to the developers, the overall development of the entire storyline will take players at least 100 hours of real time.

Not required tasks


Each MMO RPG has its own secondary tasks – these are quests that are in no way connected with either the plot or the mandatory tasks.


Such quests have a wide variety of rewards and should be carefully read before the acceptance process.


Your task is to combine main quests and secondary quests in such a way as to complete them in one location, then this is a nice addition to the experience, gils and various materials, otherwise it’s just a waste of time that could be better spent.


Experience Boosters


You can always increase your percentage of incoming experience in different ways, for example:


Weapon bonus – you can get an increase in experience by upgrading your combat class and killing monsters faster.


Equipment bonuses – such accelerators are issued for pre-orders and promotions in the world of FF 14. Naturally, such privileges are not for everyone, but it is worth mentioning, just in case.


Food – if you cook, eat, or buy food, you can get additional experience boosters that increase growth by 3%.


Heat of Battle is a bonus to experience that guilds receive for participating in various events.


Daily quests


These are quests that have a time limit and are issued once a day to provide players with an opportunity to overclock their gaming experience.


Your main task is to be in time before the end of the day, since the quest can either be turned in or not. If you do not have time, then the task will simply be updated and you will not receive additional experience.


The disadvantage of such tasks is in random rewards. Experience is often included in the list of rewards, but sometimes it may not be, but given that such quests can be done in parallel with other activities and story missions, they are definitely worth your attention. Even if you don’t get experience, you can replenish your wallet with gils.


Recreation areas


If you regularly rest in special areas, such as shrines, then you can get a bonus to experience for pumping on monsters for a long time and, most importantly, in dungeons.


Dungeons, or raids, are complex mechanics that allow players to spend a lot of time killing bosses, but get huge experience values ​​from them, and by rest gaining you can increase the overall coefficient that you get if you succeed.




These are random events that require players to take certain actions and, if successful, reward them with experience and other useful items.


Tasks can be to destroy certain monsters, win dungeons, and others.


It’s worth doing challenges, provided that you were going to perform such actions without them, otherwise it’s just a waste of time instead of really relevant things.


Raids and dungeons


To get experience from the dungeons, you need to match the level and strength of equipment, the minimum for entry.


For the victory, you can get a lot of experience and useful equipment, which will significantly increase the attacking potential of your hero.


There are several types of raids in total:


For squadrons – group campaigns, which form the basis of most raids in the world of Final Fantasy 14. Such raids require a lot of time spent for the result, so some players ignore this type of content.


Trust system – allows you to try to go through the raid system not with live players, but as part of an AI-controlled group. The advantage of this approach is the complete absence of mondrazh with no knowledge of their skills and capabilities in responsible raids. Local NPCs fight as well as most entry-level and mid-level players, and this is also a great opportunity to replenish your inventory with useful equipment and come out with power-ups for your character.


Deep Dungeons is a dungeon format in which the passage conditions are adjusted along the way and adjusts all weapons and equipment to the specified conditions. This is not beneficial for players with top-end equipment, but for beginners who only get the best equipment, it will be beneficial on the contrary.




FATE – situational events that are often associated with monsters that spontaneously appear and if you know how to quickly and efficiently kill monsters, then your experience will grow in huge numbers.


Of the minuses – you need to be quick and have time to inflict at least a couple of hits on each monster, otherwise you will not see experience.


On the plus side, you can queue up to enter the dungeon and just do FATE, hunter leaflets, side quests and other activities that will help pass the time without wasting it and constantly increase the percentage to the next level.


Hunt Bills


Quests for special game zones that require the player to kill certain types of monsters and give out gils and experience as a reward, without taking into account those trophies that are knocked out directly from the monsters themselves.