In the ever-evolving landscape of online streaming, anime enthusiasts have long been familiar with, a veritable titan in the world of pirate sites. With a staggering 205 million monthly visits, it was a go-to destination for fans seeking their anime fix. Yet, as of late, accessing has become an exercise in futility, leading to a whirlwind of questions. What transpired to cause its sudden vanishing act? Was it forcefully shut down, or does it have an alternative incarnation? In this comprehensive exploration, we peel back the layers of intrigue surrounding’s unexpected disappearance and rebirth.

The Rise of was a free online platform where avid anime aficionados streamed their beloved series. Despite its immense popularity, it operated in the shadows of legality. However, it abruptly found itself in the hands of a new custodian and underwent a complete rebranding. Emerging from the ashes is the revamped site, now bearing the moniker The transition is nothing short of seamless, facilitated by an ingenious redirect mechanism. Visitors to the erstwhile are now seamlessly redirected to the new domain. It’s crucial to note that merely acted as a conduit, never storing any media files on its servers; instead, it functioned as a bridge to third-party hosting services.

Update: As of the latest developments, has faced its own reckoning, succumbing to the clutches of copyright infringement. Consequently, the entire site has been consigned to oblivion. This leaves anime enthusiasts in a quandary, as they must now search for a suitable alternative. The domain now redirects users to another site,

The Official Word on’s Rebranding

In the wake of’s enigmatic transformation, users have been left in a state of speculation and bewilderment. However, the team has come forward with a statement to shed some light on the matter. According to their official communiqué, the site underwent a changing of the guard, falling under the purview of a fresh development team entrusted with its stewardship. Crucially, they assure users that all data remains intact, and the previous staff continues to support the server.

The Motivation Behind’s Rebrand

The realm of pirate sites is no stranger to domain hopping, motivated by a myriad of factors. While domain seizures and suspensions often trigger such shifts, recent times have seen two additional motivations emerge. Anti-piracy entities have bemoaned the practice of domain jumping, which adds layers of complexity to their investigative efforts. Moreover, an influx of DMCA notices can prompt Google to relegate websites in search results. In the case of, the threshold had not yet been crossed. At the time of writing, Google had removed approximately 43,700 URLs, with rumors swirling that 50,000 URLs might represent the cutoff point. The transition to a new domain appears to be driven by distinct considerations, not directly related to these factors.

The Transition to

The metamorphosis from to boasts a seamlessness that has caught many users by surprise. While the color scheme has been revamped, the overall design maintains a sense of familiarity. Notably, previous logins seem to function flawlessly on the new domain. Nevertheless, the abruptness of the change has sowed confusion among users, leading to a flurry of queries on social media platforms.

Exploring Alternatives to

For those in search of alternatives to (now, a multitude of options await. One noteworthy contender is Crunchyroll, a legitimate streaming platform offering a vast array of anime series, including iconic titles like Naruto, Attack on Titan, and One Piece. While Crunchyroll provides premium subscriptions for an ad-free experience and immediate access to new episodes, it also offers a substantial selection of free content for non-subscribers. However, it’s worth noting that other alternatives such as 9anime, Kissanime, and AnimeHeaven exist. These platforms, while free, exist in a legal gray area, akin to, and may be susceptible to domain changes or shutdowns.

The Vanishing Act

Yet, the abrupt disappearance of left countless users puzzled. They found themselves unable to access the cherished website, prompting questions like, “Is it down?” The real question, however, is whether has been shutdown or if it has undergone a remarkable transformation.

Seeking Clues in the Redirects

Initially, began redirecting to However, a recent update reveals that it now leads to Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE). A simple redirection does not tell the whole story though. By typing “” directly into your browser, you can access a new website that carries the unmistakable semblance of the original

Moreover, an alternative site called ZoroTo has surfaced, bearing a striking resemblance to its predecessor. If you happen to stumble upon any other alternatives, do share them with the community.

The Copyright Conundrum

The primary reason behind’s transformation could well be rooted in its unauthorized distribution of anime series. Websites of this nature are notorious for frequently changing domains. This constant game of cat and mouse is perpetuated by the relentless issuance of Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) notices by copyright holders. As a consequence, these websites risk being de-ranked in search results or even blocked altogether.

Under New Management

Amidst all the confusion, one thing is clear: has been acquired by a new development team. Official sources have confirmed this change, and they seem keen on reassuring users that the transition will be seamless. The website’s previous staff will continue to support the server, ensuring that all data remains intact.

The ACE Factor

Before we delve further into the transformation of, let’s briefly explore Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE). ACE is a coalition comprising over 30 entertainment companies and film studios. Their mission is to safeguard against copyright infringement, promote legal streaming, and protect the profits derived from copyrighted material. ACE harnesses the anti-piracy resources of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA).

The Legal Quandary

Is Zoro anime legal? In short, no., like most anime streaming websites, operates without official rights or licenses to distribute anime series. Surprisingly, you can even download high-quality anime content from Despite its questionable legality, the website is generally considered safe for watching anime online and boasts millions of monthly users. alternatives has earned its reputation as the go-to video streaming platform for a multitude of users, catering to both the aficionados of popular anime and those who appreciate the hidden gems. What sets apart is its commitment to providing viewers with a buffer-free streaming experience, making it the best platform for enjoying anime in high-definition quality. Now, let’s explore the best alternatives to that ensure you never miss out on your favorite anime, even when is inaccessible.

1. Animixplay: Where Latest Anime Meets HD Quality


Animixplay emerges as one of the most popular alternatives to, boasting a rich selection of the latest anime releases. What sets Animixplay apart is its dedication to offering all its content in stunning HD quality. Accessibility is a breeze as both mobile and desktop users can enjoy dubbed or subtitled anime without the need for a login. Say goodbye to grainy visuals with Animixplay.

2. Kissanime: A Global Anime Hub


While primarily focused on anime content, Kissanime also houses a diverse collection of creations from the US, Europe, and South Asia. At its zenith, Kissanime held the distinction of being the world’s most visited anime streaming website. With a treasure trove of hosted links and embedded videos, finding your desired anime is a breeze. You can search by name or explore trending anime with ease.

3. Funimation: The Home of Popular Anime


Funimation, a subsidiary of Crunchyroll, stands as another formidable platform for streaming free anime content. Here, you can dive into popular anime series like Attack on Titan, Fairy Tail, and Yu Yu Hakusho. Moreover, Funimation caters to a global audience with anime available in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Be aware that some regions might require a VPN for access.

4. Gogoanime: Where Classic Anime Thrives


Gogoanime offers a unique blend of dubbed anime alternatives alongside the original language versions. If you hold a deep appreciation for classic anime experiences, Gogoanime is your haven. Sorting through the extensive library is effortless, thanks to genre-based searches and a user-friendly name search option.

5. Animetv: The Hub of Latest Anime


Animetv is your gateway to the latest releases in the anime world, all available in pristine HD quality. This alternative stays on the cutting edge with regular updates. Users can conveniently explore titles based on genre, popularity, or release date, ensuring a seamless viewing experience without lag or buffering.

6. Anime Heaven: Stream the Latest Anime

Anime Heaven
Anime Heaven

Anime Heaven offers a platform for streaming the latest top-quality anime content. Whether you prefer current-day hits or dubbed classics, this site has you covered. Detailed information about the anime’s availability in full or by episode count simplifies your browsing experience.

7. 9anime: Multilingual Anime Streaming


9anime caters to a global audience with dubbing options in English and several other languages, including Spanish, Korean, and Chinese. Beyond mainstream titles, this site introduces you to underrated gems from China and Korea. The recommendation system helps you discover new favorites, while genre-based searches enhance your exploration.

8. AnimePahe: The Repository of Diversity


AnimePahe boasts one of the broadest collections of cartoons, anime, manhwa, and more, available worldwide. Virtually every cartoon or anime on this platform is accessible in both dubbed and subtitled formats. Safety-conscious users can benefit from VPN usage and ad blockers to enhance their experience.

9. AnimeLand: A Professional Streaming Hub


AnimeLand is a preferred destination for free anime streaming, offering a professional user interface, robust connectivity, and exceptional speed performance. Its accessibility extends to regions where other platforms may falter. Regular content updates ensure a steady stream of new anime to explore.

10. Kisscartoon: Premium-Quality Cartoons and Anime


For those seeking a seamless anime streaming experience without disruptions, Kisscartoon is the answer. This platform provides access to titles that are often hard to find elsewhere, along with the option to watch and download premium-quality cartoons free of charge and without registration. While performance issues may occasionally arise due to high traffic, Kisscartoon’s user-friendly interface and eclectic title selection make it a top choice. may hold a special place in your heart for streaming anime, it’s always wise to have alternatives on hand. These alternatives ensure that you can continue to enjoy your favorite anime, even when is temporarily unavailable. Some of these platforms even allow you to download your preferred episodes or movies for added convenience.

The Verdict: Shutdown or Rebrand?

In conclusion, it is safe to say that has indeed undergone a transformation, transitioning into under new management. While the legal aspects remain murky, the loyal user base seems to have found solace in this new iteration.

Questions and Answers

  1. Is permanently shut down?
    • No, has rebranded itself as under new management.
  2. Why did change its domain?
    • likely changed domains due to copyright infringement concerns and to evade DMCA notices.
  3. Is safe for anime streaming?
    • is generally considered safe for watching anime online, but it operates without official licenses.
  4. Who acquired
    • has been acquired by a new development team, which is now responsible for its operation.
  5. What is the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE)?
    • ACE is a coalition of entertainment companies and studios focused on protecting against copyright infringement and promoting legal streaming.
  6. Why do pirate websites frequently change domains?
    • Pirate websites change domains to avoid legal actions, such as DMCA notices, which can lead to deranking and blocking.
  7. What is the new website for
    • The new website for is, although ZoroTo at also appears to be related.
  8. Is it legal to download APK on Android?
    • Downloading APKs from the internet can be risky due to potential security issues, so it’s best to avoid them.
  9. What is Emby Theater, and is it legal?
    • Emby Theater is a media player that requires appropriate licenses for hosting and playing digital media. Using copyrighted material without permission is illegal.
  10. What are some alternatives to for anime streaming?
    • Alternative anime streaming websites include,,,, and