The smartphones allow you to take pictures and also to edit them. Many photo editors let you edit the images. These apps can download on your android or iPhone mobile. Most of these photo apps offer similar features but come with unique capabilities.

The photo overlays app lets you do everything. You may want to make a black and white picture or crop your photo. For these, you can use the built-in photo editor that comes in your mobile. Sometimes, however, you may want to do much more than this, and this is when you can make use of the overlay photo app. The overlay app lets you place an image on top of the other. It enables you to apply some unique filters and make the colors to pop out. It allows you to add text and stickers and choose from many photo frames. There are endless ways in which you can edit your photos using these photo overlay apps.


Snapseed picture overlay app
Snapseed picture overlay app

Snapseed from Google and is a free app to edit your photos. It is simple to use and offers you many tools to edit your pictures. You can slide your fingers and change the intensity of the effects and other tools. You can also see the change in real-time.

Snapseed offers a feature known as view edits. It lets you see all the edits that you have made to a picture right from the start and enables you to jump to the best picture in a tap. The Snapseed app also does not have many buttons. It just has the tools, looks, and export buttons that let you share and save the images. The setting menu enables you to adjust the format and size and the quality of the picture exports. You can also compress the picture as you wish.

There are also many one-touch effects which are something that most of the photo editing apps lack. You can add the impact on the picture in a single tap. If you also want some control over the tools used, you can make use of the tools menu. Some tools are most familiar to the other photo editing apps, but some tools are unique to Snapseed. The editing tools and filters are all combined on a single screen. The Snapseed app lets you overlay photos and apply frames and text to any photo. There is a wide variety of effects that you can choose. The Snapseed app can download for free on android devices, iPhone and iPad.

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Pixlr photo overlay
Pixlr photo overlay

Pixlr is an excellent app to edit your photos. It does not have lots for ads, is free and you can use the cool features that this photo edit app has to offer to you. A unique feature of this app lets you press down on the before the button and see how the image looked before. So you can compare the photo before and after the edit and decide whether or not you should edit the picture.

Through this app, you can share the edited image on social media platforms. You can also save it in your phone gallery. You have the choice to tweak its size too. The standard features are also available on this app like cropping and rotating the photo. It also has an auto fix, red-eye, smooth, spark, and a spot healing brush tool. Using the brush tools, you can paint things on the picture. There is a brush that lets you darken some selected areas in the picture. You can also doodle the image.

The Pixlr app is loved because of its one-tap effects and the styles that you can apply. You can also add some effects to the image like a vintage look or an overlay. The overlay feature lets you drop say a burn effect over the picture. You can also drop other effects like glitter, bubble, metal, glaze, and many more.

You can customize the level with the photo editor app. Like if you choose an overlay to apply it to the image, then you can lessen the effect as per how much you want to use it. You can also erase it on some parts of the picture. You can change the setting on multiple effects, styles, and overlays and personalize how you wish to see your photo.

The only issue with the Pixlr app is that when you change the level of effect to apply to the picture, and you scroll the image either to the right of you will not be able to see how the effect looks on the image until you remove the finger.  Most other apps will show you the result in real-time, but Pixlr lacks this one feature.

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The Enlight is a photo editing app, and this is also a great photo overlays app. It is like a Photoshop for your iPad and iPhone, and it has the editing tools that you wish to have in an app. It lets you add some spins to the image as well.

The image editor is robust, and it gives you everything that you would ever need from a photo editing app. Using the app, you can rotate, flip, skew, and straighten the images. You can also refit the images and crop the photo without affecting any object. There are also many artistic tools on Enlight that lets you convert the photos and pictures, much like what the photo editor enables you to do. The Mixer tool that is in this app allows you to create double exposure and lets you combine two images. The app is available only for android users.

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Not all these apps would be offered free to you, however. Some of these photo overlay apps let you use the basic version for the free users, and you can use the advanced version once you pay the subscription amount. With so many picture overlay app here is a list that will let you choose the best ones for your android or iPhone.