Brain-training applications not only reduces boredom but also bring a lot of benefits. By solving puzzles, students stimulate their brain activity and learn to think critically.

Technically, our brain is not a muscle. Nevertheless, frequent training is required to keep it in good shape. Problem-solving can gain the brain, just like weight lifting pumps muscles. While solving puzzles, the brain builds new neural connections, which provides a positive effect. Brain teasers can improve memory, concentration, processing speed and develop problem-solving skills.

If you want to train your brain, scroll down below and find the best brain-training apps for students.


It is a very fun brain-training app for learners. It implies more than 40 different games for sharpening the brain. All the games are different and aim to boost various skills. After installing the application, users need to pass a short test to set a baseline. It measures users’ skills and adapts the games’ difficulty.

Moreover, it provides comprehensive statistics for monitoring the progress and provides access to the scoreboard with over 100 million users. All the games in the apps are well-tailored to match users’ skills, creativity, and engagement.

Some level in Lumosity brings the ability to learn new words to boost the vocabulary. Using this game, students can improve their vocabularies constantly. Thereupon, the need to reach the top-tier essay writing service via this link – to get help with academic papers will take a backseat.

Memory Match

Memory is very important for students. They need to consume a lot of new information and remember it fast. Memory Match is a simple and very effective application that helps boost cognition and help remember new information.

This top-rated app is a grid with squares. At each level, the app colors random squares. Then, users have to remember their position in a few seconds. When the colored squares disappear, users need to pick them all to replicate the pattern. The difficulty of levels can be increased by enlarging the size of the grid.

Light House Puzzle

It is a very interesting and unique puzzle game that boosts brain activity. There is a forgotten wireless lighthouse in the sea. A source of power is located far from the house. Users need to find a way on how to power the lighthouse.

They can use different tools like wires, mirrors, and portals to deliver energy to the lighthouse. However, each tool consumes a particular amount of energy, transferring it. Thereupon, users need to find the most efficient way of transferring the energy to the lighthouse because it needs a lot of power.

Mensa Brain Training

This top-rated app implies different exercises that help sharpen the brain and improve memory, concentration, and agility. The app measures success upon completing levels and forms the brain index that needs to be improved constantly. Most puzzles are limited by time and aim to confuse users. It helps gain alertness and the ability to think critically. For instance, one of the games drives users to fill a figure with pieces of different shapes. Players need to analyze all of them and put all the pieces into the corresponding order fast.


It is a personal brain-training app that foresees the opportunity to learn different skills by solving daily puzzles. The app offers daily games, depending on the skills that users need to boost the most. There are more than 35 different games for boosting math, comprehension, attention, and memory.

The app is not focused on gaining problem-solving and math skills only. It also helps users improve their vocabularies. This feature will be helpful for international students who tend to use research paper writing help due to low English proficiency.

Let Me Out

This one is an addictive puzzle game that needs players to build paths for vehicles. There are different puzzles in the game that drive users to think critically and boost their brains.

For instance, they need to slide cars into a parking lot to let the vehicle leave it. Also, users may need to draw paths by following particular restrictions or build roads from different pieces. The roads should let the vehicle reach the final destination without any interruptions.

Fortunately, there are no limits on time and number of attempts. Therefore, users can reset levels and try as many times as needed.

Mobile Gaming Recommendation

Some games can be very addictive. Even though brain teasers bring a positive effect, it’s recommended to limit the time spent playing such apps. Feel free to set a particular time for playing brain teasers in your schedule and never break the limit. Remember, the brain needs rest to maintain high productivity. Therefore, if you want it to work fast, you need to sleep at least eight hours at night and take breaks during your study sessions.