As we have evolved in the digital age, eBook Reading applications have almost replaced the printed books. The internet has brought everything together – now you’re shopping for groceries or looking for help with homework on Google, so e-books don’t seem out of the ordinary. You can quickly access your favorite book through your tablet or smartphone by downloading mobile applications on your device. Some eBook applications also come with hundreds of books offered for free. Please search for your favorite book and start reading them. Here are some of the best applications for book lovers.

Amazon Kindle 

Kindle has various books, newspapers, magazines, and journals, making it among the most popular applications for Reading on tablets and smartphones. You don’t have to own a Kindle device to read the books through the app since it is available on IOS and Android devices. The application gets powered by Amazon and is a technology that allows you to generally synchronize your bookmarks, last read, notes, and highlights on your devices. It also comes with a well-equipped dictionary that you can use to look up words as you read. You can also access Wikipedia and Google to enhance the pleasure of reading.


It is an alternative to most reader apps. If you want a better platform to read books in ePub or PDF formats, this is the perfect eReader for you. It doesn’t say a book automatically, which essentially means that it doesn’t consume your device’s memory. In case you’d want to save the sessions you have read, you have to import the book virtually. With Aldiko, you can adjust the face of the front, the size, and the background settings to suit your eyes. It also offers a great experience since it has a ton of features.

The Cool Reader 

It is a fully customizable app that allows you to format your text in any font type or size, and it has a feature that will enable smooth scrolling to make your reading pleasurable. It is the only eReader that allows you to convert your text-to-speech without any charges. They were trouble for day and night light which provides you with two-color sets that enhance the background to make your reading convenient. It also includes data on the percentage read, the page count, and chapters at the very top of the screen. It is capable of Supporting almost all file formats.


The eBook is highly customizable and can get used across all devices. You can run it on Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, and Blackberry, among others. You can customize the font face, the font size, colors, bookmarks, and animations. It will automatically organize your library into groups of authors or titles, giving you a sophisticated but straightforward view. It can support various eBooks formats, and currently, it has gotten localized to get read in 29 languages. The app also has online catalogs that give the user and access to an extensive collection of eBooks.


The application has the unique pleasure of reading since it provides excellent control on the display settings. The application comes to the status bar that notifies you of your reading process and progress. It also contains information on your reading in the Chapter that you are currently reading aside from the book’s rest. The app is free, but the pro version collects additional statistics like the pages you have read and the total hours you spent Reading. If you’re an avid reader, you should get this application.


The application has over two million magazines, books, newspapers, and children’s books. It offers a lot of features that make the experience of reading not only comfortable but also easy. The app will automatically sync the last page that you have read across all your devices, meaning a seamless reading experience without stopping. You also have to adjust the brightness for your screen to turn it to dim light at night. The app can run on Android devices, iOS, and windows.

Bluefire Reader 

The application is compatible with Windows, Android, and iOS devices. It also provides a lot of features like note-taking, dictionary lookup, bookmarking, and contextual searching. You can customize the Reading and display settings to fit your reading requirements. Tell me on the day or night mode that can allow you to read in low light. With its sync feature, you can read across your devices without losing track of your last page. It also comes equipped with analytic services to provide you with the necessary vital metrics. It supports browsing that makes room for downloading that will make your experience enjoyable.