Legal mobile betting apps have become very popular in the United States and across the globe generally. New states in the US have legalized and launched mobile betting, while existing states have expanded their offering. In this article, we outline about some of the best mobile betting apps like  20Bet mobile app, their features, and why you should use them!

All feature mobile betting apps are regulated and legal in seventeen states including New Hampshire, Virginia, Wyoming, Nevada, Tennessee, Indiana, West Virginia, Colorado, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Illinois, New Jersey, Michigan, Connecticut, and Arizona.

Are Mobile Betting Apps safe?

Mobile betting apps can be easily downloaded and they’re safe. Android apps are downloadable from Google Play while iOS apps can be downloaded from iOS App Store. One of the features in mobile betting apps that make them safe is their login requirements. Before starting to play, you must log in to your own account using your email ID or user ID, plus your password. Nobody else can access your account.

The Future of Mobile Betting Apps

Currently, Louisiana, Florida, Maryland, and New York States have already legalized mobile betting and they’re expected to be launching it soon. It shows that the mobile betting industry is still growing and we can expect it grow more in the coming days. Mobile betting has also become quite popular in several Western countries. However countries like Japan, Middle east, and India don’t allow betting.

Features of Mobile Betting Apps

  1. Enhancement of Users’ Experiences

 Mobile banking apps enhance the users’ experiences by enabling them to watch their favorite games live; they can cheer their preferred teams and place bets to win prizes and money, using their smartphones.

  1. Selection of the Players or Games

Mobile banking apps feature a wide selection of options for different kind of sports, in which you place your bets. These games include English Premier Leagues or football, NBA or basketball, WWE, Cricket, Formula One, Grand Slams or ATP Tennis, etc. Betting rates for specific teams are clearly displayed, as well as players playing the particular games.

  1. Live Game Viewing

Mobile betting apps have the facilities or provisions of screens such that you can follow the games live and track their progresses easily. It makes it easy for users to have strategies before placing bets on teams or players.

  1. Betting Guide

Betting guides are one of the most critical features in mobile betting apps. The guide consists of important information such as how you can place bets on specific teams, games, or players. It’s particularly important for new players who are placing bets through these apps for the 1st time.

  1. Detailed Information

Additionally, mobile betting apps give detailed information about a particular player and match schedules. You are in the know about when your favorite games will be played and if your preferred players are scoring or not.

  1. Instant Payment Options

You only need to make your payment online and start betting.

Advantages of Using Mobile Betting Apps

Using mobile betting apps makes the betting process easier. You remain updated about the games’ statistics, minimizing the chances of losing cash. Additionally, users are informed about betting trends enabling them to make informed betting decisions. Users also get app notifications, telling them when major players will be playing or the teams, giving them a chance to place better bets.

Some of the best mobile betting apps include:

  1. 20Bet Mobile Betting App

20Bet is one of the best and popular mobile betting apps presently. It enables users to use it from anywhere to achieve their betting goal; you can’t miss any of its features even when using a desktop! The enticing feature is that you automatically receive a welcome bonus when you download it!

You can download the 20Bet mobile app on all iOS devices and use it easily on your tablets or smartphones. The app enables you to gamble casino games and games. It has an easy to use interface that makes it easy even for beginners.

20Bet mobile application for iOS is fully secure for any player. You can enjoy a safe and transparent experience from betting or gambling on a mobile phone.

What’s more, you can also download this app for your Android devices; you need to download and install it on your tablets and smartphones. All the app’s features are synchronized with all Android devices, including the latest versions. Additionally, the mobile app has been optimized for Vivo, Xiaomi, Samsung, and other latest devices.

You only need to download, install the Bet20 mobile betting app, make your payment, and start betting! The app has over thirty different games including basketball, football, American soccer, or tennis; you’ll never miss something to bet on.

  1. FanDuel Mobile Betting App

FanDuel Sportsbook is one of the biggest fantasy mobile betting apps in the United States. The app has a lot of experience, and ensures that it provides smooth and enjoyable experiences for its users. In 2018, this app was developed by Paddy Power Betfair, one of the renowned names in the iGaming industry.

FanDuel is compatible with both Android and iOS devices; it’s iOS compatibility boasts of superior scores in customer reviews. Generally, this app provides an easily navigable, fast, intuitive, and clean app with a wide selection of betting options and a great pricing.

  1. PointsBet Mobile Banking App

PointsBet was launched in Australia in 2017, and it has become one of the renowned betting operators. It has since been introduces in the United States and has gained popularity very quickly. Presently, PointsBet is in operation in Iowa, West Virginia, Michigan, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, and New Jersey.

Users enjoy more than fifteen different games, and the app covers most of the major leagues. It’s a clean and fast app that offers users smooth and enjoyable betting experiences. PointsBet has its own software developers and risk-management teams, making its odds and pricing different. Users find it unique because of its different feel and layout, as compared to other mobile banking apps.

  1. DraftKings Sportsbook

DraftKings is among the leading fantasy mobile betting app providers. It first used to operate only in New Jersey 3 months after PASPA was banned. Actually, it was the 1st legal mobile betting app in other states besides Nevada.

It currently provides mobile betting services in Tennessee, Virginia, Mississippi, Wyoming, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Colorado, and Arizona. The app is compatible with both Android and IOS devices.

Some of the other renowned popular mobile betting apps include BetMGM, BetRivers, and FOX Bet, among others.