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Sygic Mapdownloader up to 16.5.1

Sygic Mapdownloader is used to integrate other maps to Sygic GPS app. You can add NAVTEC, Tomtom  or OpenStreetmaps to Sygic Software.

This Mapdownloader software works only with Windows.

Mapdownloader 16_5_1_(20170213) for windows os.
updated FTS checksum – EUROPE Car TA maps 2016.10 FTS for Aura 16.5.0,16.5.1


Funny voices: Homer Simpson (ENG), Mr.Burns (ENG), Snoop Dogg(ENG)
Offline speedcams
Car maps: TA:2016.10,TA:2016.09, OS:2015:10 (maps version 9.01 – sygic version 15.4.X and higher)
Truck maps: EU NT:2016.09, US NT:2016.09, MEA NT:2014.09, AUSNZL TA:2014.09
Taxi, InCar, Aura: TA:2016.06/03 (maps version 9.00 – sygic version 15.3.9 and lower)

Download here

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