WhatsApp is a social media platform that has become very popular in bringing in some amazing new features for its users. If you are familiar with playing soccer betting nz games, then you are very much used to how amazing it is to use some wonderful new features.

However, the new WhatsApp features does not only offer users the best interface rather, but users are also guaranteed the most improved security option that will give the best messaging experience. Without wasting much of your precious time. Let’s highlight some of the new and improved WhatsApp features that will also save you real money whilst chatting.

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Stop Your Contacts from Adding you to Group Chats

Sometimes we are distracted from playing real money casino games by some irrelevant WhatsApp groups. Many of them occupy a significant chunk of the phone’s storage, and this encompasses countless images, videos, and audios. The good news is that the new WhatsApp features have come to your rescue. The features will offer you a group privacy option that will keep your contacts in your WhatsApp list from adding you to groups without your approval or permission.

To enable it you just simply select ‘Groups’ in the Privacy settings whereby you can choose how would you like to be added in WhatsApp groups.

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Discreetly View Your Friend’s Status

The good thing about this marvelous text messenger is that it allows you to view each of the status posts from your contacts. And at the same time, you are also able to hide your view on these posts. This hilarious option will allow you to snoop around your pal’s status posts without them knowing you are keeping an eye on their statuses.

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Simply Share your Status as a Facebook Story

With the new and top-class development taking place in the technology world. WhatsApp is undoubtedly moving with time. They have launched a new feature that allows users to share their status posts directly to Facebook. This feature is currently available for both Android and iPhone.