People use computers and mobile phones to store photos and other documents. It is a convenient way to save files. You may access them at any time without having mobile storage. You may show the files to other people or attach them to emails.

Yet, there is a great advantage in this method of storage. There is always a possibility of deleting the files. Computers and laptops are not the safe place to store information and files. The files you do not use for a long time may delete themselves because of an error. There are also a great number of computer viruses that destroy files. The viruses may also send the files to other people and servers. You can also delete the files yourself accidentally. This is a great risk if you have important photos or papers.

Yet, many people still use mobile phones to store data. What if the files have been deleted for some reason? You may enter a folder one time and do not see the papers. How to recover deleted files from SD card on phone? There is not always an option to recover deleted files from Android SD card. You should verify if you have this option on your device. Most often, you can recover the files. All the data is stored on your mobile device even if you have deleted them. But you do not see them.

The Steps to Recover Your Data

There is a wide range of options of software to use. You can use them to recover deleted files from memory cards in Android memory. You can use the best SD card recovery tools in 2021 for this. Let’s see the SD card data recovery steps.

  1. Connect the mobile device with the PC

The recovery of data is only possible on your PC. So, the first step here is to connect the two devices. Then, you will be able to recover the data step by step. You may connect them with a USB. It is important that the device is rooted. Otherwise, recovery will not be possible. Note that the process may take some time.

  1. Scan the device

When you connect two devices, you should start the scanning process. You should press the button, and the software will do it automatically. It would be better to choose the type of file you need. The program will show only such files. The searching process will be faster.

  1. Recover the files

Before you recover the data, you can preview them. Look through the files and choose the one you need to recover. Remember that the software shows you all the files stored on the device. You should select the option to show only deleted ones. Then you should recover these certain photos or papers.

If the program you download fails to find the files, choose another one. Note that all the files are still on your computer or mobile device. So, if you use different programs, you will certainly find them. But be careful if you have an archive with a password to enter. If the archive is not deleted, it is dangerous to search it. The files in the archive may be destroyed. So, look through the files and try to find it yourself before you use the programs.

It is important to find a quality program. There are cases when the software destroys the existing files. To find the best one in 2021, you should look through the software reviews. You should also read the information given in the comments. The people who have used the software can share the experience.