Cell phones come in different variations that allow their owners to have a variety of benefits. Some models are better than others, but that does not imply that the Samsung Galaxy S9 that won’t charge.

The error is quite common in this specific model, and it has more than one charging method. No matter the root of the difficulty, it should not exist and interfere with the user experience, so it must eliminate.

Luckily, there are many ways to solve the situation without dying trying, stressing out, or overpaying. In any case, if the work is too much or you do not have the necessary skills, you can always count on a trained professional.

It is essential that when you notice the problem, the first action is to check the situation’s seriousness. The best thing to do is see if the phone can charge with methods other than the traditional one.

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Galaxy S9 charging issues
Galaxy S9 charging issues

How To Proceed If The Galaxy S9 Has Problems Due To The Cable?

By having more than one option to charge the Samsung Galaxy S9, it is possible to rule out movements to be carried out easily. This is what to do to check if the device is only faulty via the cable:

  1. Do not waste the battery:

You must find another way to charge the battery, such as wireless means. You will have more opportunities to fix the problem because the device will be on.

  1. Original accessories:

Sometimes, the phone cannot accept items other than its own. It is important to ensure that the load is original when you notice a fault. If it does not load, then it is another.

  1. Cleaning:

It is more common than it seems that some lint or dirt interferes in some way with an effective load. There have even been cases related to humidity.

  1. The electrical outlets:

Sometimes, it is just these small spaces that create the headache. Before making any movement, the charging should test in other places to make sure it is plugged in the right place.

  1. Use the computer:

The phone can also be charged here, just not as fast. This method will also show if the cable is damaged or not. That is, the problem is in this accessory.

  1. Verify:

The computer is a reliable one. See if no external elements are obstructing the current flow. Also, try using another cable. This will definitely determine if the problem is this or the phone itself.

  1. Hardware:

Unfortunately, when no charger can solve the Galaxy S9 charging issues, the hardware’s difficulty.

When nothing works, it is best to take the device directly to an experienced technician. An exhaustive analysis will be made, providing a comfortable solution, and although the price depends on them, it is the best alternative.

When The Problem Is The Wireless Charger?

For some people, this is not the method par excellence they use, but it is important to solve it when there are failures. Here are some tips that should apply:

  1. Maintain the battery:

As with cable problems, the phone has to stay charged for troubleshooting.

  1. Restart:

Pressing the volume keys together with the power key for at least 10 seconds will force the device to restart. By doing this, you can rule out that the problem comes from a common failure, in wireless charging. This is important.

  1. The cover:

Although it may not seem like it, the covers also bring interference problems. Try changing it to verify that it is not that.

  1. Proper plugging in:

Ensure that the wireless charging device is correctly placed in the outlet. In this way, it is also essential that you see if the charger is really on.

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  1. Safe mode:

Try to load when no application is running as occasionally this factor influences proper operation. If this is the case, it is best to uninstall, but there is only one thing to do.

  1. Formatting:

The firmware is important in wireless charging. If nothing works, it only remains to return the phone to its basic state. Make sure to make the appropriate backups first before doing the process.

How To Put The Galaxy S9 In Safe Mode?

Not everyone knows how to perform this process, but it is actually quite simple when the following instructions are followed:

  1. Turn off the appliance.
  2. Press the power button and keep it constantly pressed even when the model logo appears on the screen.
  3. release the button until the word SAMSUNG appears
  4. As soon as you release the key, it is time to press the back of the volume key now.
  5. Keep pressing the volume down mode until the phone completes its reboot.
  6. When the phone turns on, you will see in the lower-left part writing that says “safe mode.” You can only release the key when you see this section.
  7. Once you are in this mode, it will be easier to uninstall applications. This is ideal when something causes problems.

The Best Way To Format The Samsung Galaxy S9

When you have a phone, it starts to adopt certain hobbies or save unnecessary information over time. Resetting the device to its original state can solve some difficulties. This is what should be done:

  1. The most important step is the backup. This must-do for the data that is in the internal memory.
  2. Turn off the computer.
  3. Press and hold the volume-up keys together with the Bixby key, then do the same with the power.
  4. Once the Android logo appears, you must release the keys. There will be an announcement that will last approximately one minute. After this, a menu will appear with recovery options for the system.
  5. Move with the volume down button until you reach “wipe data/factory reset” and confirm by pressing the ignition.
  6. Once the master reboot is finished, all that remains is to do a normal reboot of the device.

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Consider The Help Of Professionals

When any of the Samsung Galaxy S9 that won’t charge, one must avoid going into despair. There are many ways to approach the situation, and if none is really reliable, you can always turn to professionals.

Technicians have the necessary skills and intellect to solve any problem, no matter how tough it may seem. In fact, having the help of these professionals is much more recommended also for security means.

When the problem comes from the hardware, it isn’t easy to obtain effective results independently. Leaving things in good hands could make the difference in permanently losing your device or not.

It is never good to underestimate phone repair technicians’ work because they always have solutions quickly. Fixing Galaxy S9 charging issues is easy when you have the right help, no question about it.

Contact the professionals you trust as only they will give you peace of mind throughout the process. Nothing can go wrong when you have the right professionals.