PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is arguably 2019’s most massive trending game, both on Android and Windows. Its realistic graphics, sound, and variety of weapons and design give it a taste no gamer can resist. Many PUBG players are recently reporting an issue with their game. PUBG players are currently facing a problem. A lot of users have complained that the texture of the building in PUBG does not load. After they land as PUBG isn’t loading feel of buildings and objects look retro. There are numerous reasons that will contribute slow render, which causes popular render times on buildings.

Their PUBG is not loading the texture of buildings and other items as soon as they land on the floor, which makes the game graphics look retro.

Don’t worry if you’re also experiencing this problem. You should be able to repair your issue below.

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How to fix PUBG Buildings Not Loading

Reinstall your game

Your PUBG files may have been corrupted so you are having the texture loading issues. You can reinstall your game to repair the corrupted files. After that, run your game and, if this method helps you, you should see the texture of buildings is fully loaded.

Pre-Render Your Game

The best way to Fix Pubg Building Not Loading or Rendering issue is by pre-rendering your game. Pre-rendering your game, that is tricking the game into rendering most textures, assets and other things before landing is a way to load buildings in the game and fix the issue. It may sound complicated but is actually pretty simple.

  • Throughout this process, hold the W key.
  • As soon as the parachute pulls out and you aim where to go, press Tab key on your keyboard
  • The inventory screen will come up
  • Your game will likely freeze for some time, but that is only because the game is loading all the resources.
  • When the game will unfreeze, all your buildings and textures should be loaded perfectly.

This method is the simplest and easiest to use. However, if you are not okay with performing this every time you start a game, you can look at the other methods described here.

Press Tab at time of parachuting

When you are in the game, while parachuting, just press tab key or keep pressing Tab Key. This will make your game freeze for a while but after that, it will also fix PUBG Buildings Not Loading issue.

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Move Game files to your SSD

Slow render of buildings or buildings not loading due to slow transfer of files from hard drive to RAM. You can quickly get the files to RAM by booting them from SSD (Solid State Drive). You have to transfer the game folder onto your SSD.

Hope these small tips will help you.