If you are searching for a way How to download YouTube videos on your android device then you come to exactly the right place where we guide you the easiest way to download youtube videos on your android devices without any trouble.

Android platform is gaining popularity rapidly nowadays, so number of android smartphone or any other android device users is also increasing day by day. Along with it users who want to download youtube videos on their android devices so that they can enjoy offline youtube videos is also increasing. There are many ways to download YouTube videos available on the internet but mostly among them are too difficult to follow or understandable by common internet users. That’s why we brought to you three (3) simple methods to download YouTube videos on your android device easily.


1: Download Youtube Videos using Android Apps

Android Developer have developed many apps to ease your this problem. You can use these apps from Android app store to download HD quality YouTube videos easily. The best among these apps is DENTEX Youtube Downloader.

 a) Dentex YouTube Downloader

This app catches URL as soon as you play YouTube video on your android device and ask whether you want to download YouTube video and want to watch it online. If you want to download then reply with yes and this app will download YouTube quickly in a few seconds. If you want to download the audio of video then this app will also provide you this facility and download video in mp3 audio format, Click here to download.

b) TubeMate YouTube Downloader HD

This app is same as above mentioned app so that if you don’t like dentex YouTube Downloader you can use tis app to download YouTube videos in blazing fast speed. This app on your one touch will download YouTube videos in HD quality. It also has downloading Multi options.
You can download TubeMate YouTube Downloader from Google Play Store

2: Download Via PC

YouTube videos can be downloaded in another way in which first download YouTube video on your PC and then at any available time or whenever you need them transfer videos to your android device. Use MOBO GENIE software for this purpose. This software is easy to use and along with video transfer it can be used for various purposes such as it can be used as SMS manager, connect your android device with your PC and start messaging via PC, Download MoboGenie Setup for Windows.

3: Downloading Videos via Default Phone Browser

One another simple and easy way to download YouTube videos on your Android device in HD quality is that you can use your device default phone browser to download videos directly.

Follow below given procedure to use default browser

  1. First of all, search for any video using the keywords in your browser
  2. After finding the video URL on YouTube, copy the URL
  3. Now visit http://www.keepvid.com/
  4. In search box, paste the copied URL
  5. Search for the video and scroll down
  6. Select the option “Download Video (MP4) in HQ”
  7. The video will be downloaded to your device

If you have any problem in using it or you don’t like it somehow, then you can use UC browser
which is a lot better than your device default browser if compared. It directly grab videos URL and facilitates you in speedy video downloads.

So these are three simple, easy and popular methods with which you can download YouTube videos on your android device. We also had Good experience with all these methods. Use these methods to download your favorite videos from countless YouTube videos and have fun.

If you are facing any difficulty in following these methods then do comment us in comment box.