IOS 12.3 is here, finally. But you didn’t want that update at all and probably made a error downloading it. It’s OK. We’re here to help and will demonstrate how you can downgrade iOS 12.3 into iOS 12.2 right now with the magic of iTunes. But remember one thing: this is something which you can do for a limited time only. Once the downgrade window closes, you have no choice but to stick with iOS 12.3. Are we completely clear about that? Good.

Before you go ahead, if you have not downloaded iOS 12.3 yet and have the desire to install it right away, then be sure to check out the following:

Download iOS 12.2 IPSW Files

If you have decided that you have to downgrade iOS 12.3 into iOS 12.2, then be change of how all your files and data will be deleted from your iPhone and iPad. So so as to avert this tragedy, please backup your data using iTunes or iCloud and then follow the rest of the guide down to its very heart.

1. Turn off Locate my iPhone on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. You can do this by visiting Settings, then tapping the iCloud section at the very top, then tap on iCloud again, then pick Locate My iPhone.

2. Download the iOS 12.2 IPSW file from here.

3. Connect your device to your PC or Mac using a Lightning cable and then launch iTunes.

4. Once your device has been detected, it will show up at the upper left hand corner of iTunes. Click to open this up.

5. Now click on the Restore iPhone button while holding down the left Shift key (PC) or the left Choice key (Mac).

6. Select the iOS 12.2 file you downloaded in step 2.

7. ITunes will now begin to extract the content of this firmware and restore it on your device. This entire process may take up to twenty minutes at best. Take this opportunity to grab yourself a cup of tea.

Once the installation is complete, you’ll boot directly into the Hello screen. You can either install your device fresh or simply restore the backup which you took prior to the installation.