Safari is not the best browser that you have on your iPhone. There are hundreds of alternatives to the Safari web browser. For some special moments, you like Safari Web browser felt not responding. to do during an online payment if the browser between or unresponsive then jammed could lead to an unsuccessful transaction you. Dozens of web browsers available on the Internet, rather than Safari for iPhone but again, very few of them offer hassle free use.

Alternatives to Safari Web browser

Have we created a list of the best alternatives to Safari Web browser. This web browser is selected after a deep study on their experience.

1.Google Chrome

No doubt you have heard of Chrome Web browser have. Then when you do not have somewhere you missed a large part of Google. Chrome is a web browser from Google. It offers some great features as you restore your bookmarks from your e-mail ID. Having said that, while a smart phone to surf the Internet, you can also view the desktop have on your mobile phone only.

Chrome web browser for almost any and every platform that accesses the Internet. Android Smartphone Chrome Web browser is the primary browser and on some smartphone, you can not disable or uninstall it. My personal experience with Chrome on an Android smartphone was great and I’ve never felt a browser other than Chrome like trying. Along with this, to iOS devices to That iPhone, Chrome offered me the same user experience while Chrome fairly quickly performed on iOS compared to Android Smartphone.If on Chrome try surfing the Internet, you can


Aloha is the best choice for those who love to read articles on the Internet. Aloha web browser is popular because of its offline reading feature. You can save any web page offline and whenever you want to access without an Internet connection in this web browser. Besides that, if you are bothered with unwanted advertisements that randomly pop up on the screen then blocker Aloha display will help you to get rid of them.

The above features are not the only reason why we are in the list of the best alternatives to Safari Web browser Aloha web browser. The Aloha browser allows you to any file directly from Dropbox for download while on safari, you need to download Dropbox app to store files online from DropBox. Apart from all these, you can customize the Aloha browser to your liking. Thanks to the theme options, the customization.

3.Opera mini

Again, you may have heard of the Opera Mini browser. Opera Mini browser is one of the most valued browsers. Opera Mini is known for its fast lighting speed. You are unlikely to get such attractive browser for your iPhone. In a comparison with other Web browsers, Opera Mini has some problems with the audio and video playback. Although we expect that operators should fix the problem. Rest if you want a browser that offers great surfing speed, App Store visit on your iPhone and download the Opera.

4.Puffin web browser

A very fast and responsive web browser. Puffin is compared you with a better user experience for Safari. User interface is simple and easy to navigate. Puffins gives you night mode to read blogs at night. Apart from that you can play online games on Puffins and it will offer you a digital gaming pad to make your gaming experience better.

Chrome, Dolphin could buffer, but during a video integrated thanks puffins watching video player that can play in low network and video easily. Option like desktop view and mobile view is also there on Puffin. Along with all these features Puffin gives you the opportunity to save any web page, so you can access them without internet. So if you want an easy and fast Web browser, then you can try puffins.


An ultimate web browser for gesture loving users. If you are fond of different gestures, then Dolphin is a suitable option for you.

In Dolphin web browser you need to wipe only down, and you will land on the URL field where you enter the URL of the web page. Along with this, during visit any website if you want to go back down, you just have to emphasize once down and rest do the browser for you.

Dolphin web browser also comes with the function of webzine. Through this feature, you can get the external feeds from the internet and they can visit in a constant stream view.

You can use at night Dolphin web browser without straining the eyes as Dolphin offers night mode too. In this mode, the brightness will be dimmed to minimum. In addition to all these features, one click QR code scanner is also in Dolphin.

While visiting each Web page if you find something interesting or worth something to share, then through the Dolphin-sharing site, you can send the information to your Facebook audience, twitter followers and can also save it as a note in Evernote. So, if you drilled the use of similar features of different web browsers, you can switch to dolphin as it has gestures.

These were some simple but most appreciated and popular alternative to Safari Web browser. To those Web browser to try, you can download them through your Apple iPhone App Store.