In the fast-paced digital world, Google is an integral part of our daily lives. We rely on it for everything from finding information, seeking answers, to exploring the lives of our favorite celebrities. But Google is not just a search engine; it’s a hub of creativity and innovation. On September 27, 2017, Google released its ultimate doodle to celebrate its 19th birthday, known as the Google Birthday Surprise Spinner. 🎉

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive deep into what the Google Birthday Surprise Spinner is, how to play it, and explore the top 10 Google Doodle games that were part of this exciting celebration.

What is Google Birthday Surprise Spinner?

What is Google Birthday Surprise Spinner
What is Google Birthday Surprise Spinner

The Google Birthday Surprise Spinner was a delightful creation by Google in 2017 to celebrate its 19th birthday. Think of it as an online birthday party invitation! The centerpiece of this celebration was a colorful spinner wheel that users could interact with. When you spun the wheel, you had the chance to play one of 19 different games or activities, each representing a different year of Google’s existence.

These games and activities were not only fun but also provided a unique way for people to learn about Google’s history. Some of the memorable experiences included creating music with different instruments, playing Pac-Man, and even planting virtual flowers in a garden. Though it was only available for a limited time, the Google Birthday Surprise Spinner left a lasting impression as one of Google’s quirkiest and coolest features.

How to Play Google Birthday Surprise Spinner

How to Play Google Birthday Surprise Spinner
How to Play Google Birthday Surprise Spinner

Surprisingly, the Google Birthday Surprise Spinner is still accessible even after its initial release. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to play this engaging and nostalgic game:

  1. Access the Spinner: Go to the Google Birthday Surprise Spinner by directly visiting the website or by searching “Google Birthday Surprise Spinner” on the Google homepage.
  2. Spin the Wheel: You’ll be greeted by a colorful spinner wheel adorned with various emojis. Click the wheel to start spinning.
  3. Enjoy the Surprise: The spinner will randomly select one of the 19 interactive games or activities, each corresponding to a different year in Google’s history.
  4. Spin Again: If you want to try your luck with another surprise, click the “Spin Again” button.
  5. Share the Fun: Don’t forget to share this entertaining experience with your friends and family by clicking the “Share” icon located in the top right corner.

The Google birthday surprise spinner is a feature on the Google search page that allows users to spin a virtual wheel to uncover hidden surprises on the occasion of Google’s birthday. The spinner contains a variety of fun and interesting Google-themed surprises, such as trivia, games, and videos. This feature is only available on Google’s birthday, which is typically celebrated in September.

Top 10 Google Doodle Games in Google Birthday Surprise Spinner

The Google Birthday Surprise Spinner featured a variety of interactive games and activities to enjoy. Here, we’ll highlight the top 10 Google Doodle games that were part of this remarkable celebration:

#1. Tic-tac-toe

#2. Piñata Smash

  • Description: Help the Google letter characters smash the piñata and collect candies.
  • An exciting game for the sweet-toothed.

#3. Snake

  • Description: Inspired by the classic Nokia game, control the snake to collect apples without self-collision.

#4. Pac-man

  • Description: Officially play Pac-Man and relive the nostalgia.

#5. Klondike Solitaire

  • Description: An adaptation of the famous Solitaire game with various difficulty levels.

#6. Pangolin Love

#7. Oskar Fischinger Music Composer

  • Description: Create your own visual music compositions in honor of Oskar Fischinger.

#8. The Theremin

  • Description: Learn about Clara Rockmore’s life and try playing the theremin.

#9. Earth Day Quiz

  • Description: Take a quiz to discover which animal you are in celebration of Earth Day.

#10. Magic Cat Academy

  • Description: Help a cute ghost collect candy in this Halloween-themed game.


Google Birthday Surprise Spinner is a testament to Google’s commitment to celebrating history, culture, and sparking creativity and imagination. These interactive doodles have brought joy to countless users over the years. If you have ideas for future Google Doodles that could bring smiles to people’s faces, don’t hesitate to share them. Let’s continue spreading the joy of these amazing interactive creations.