There are tons of FM radio apps out there for the two iPhone and Android, but they only operate when you’ve got a functional data link. Without working on cellular data or Wi-Fi, FM radio programs are useless. That is why a phone which has a built-in FM radio receiver and a program capable of accessing that recipient can be so useful in a crisis situation.

Radio for your smartphone without Web is a myth or fact? We made for you, quite an interesting selection — applications that permit you to listen to the radio without connecting to the net. Sometimes such a purpose will be useful, as an example, in nature, where there are no available Internet connection networks.

Do you enjoy listening to the radio If yes, in this post we’re sharing with you the best FM radio app for android without a net. At the current time, everybody’s phone has internet so why are we needing no wifi radio program.

Many times it happens that we go away from our house and there’s no internet connection available. Because of this, we are not able to use the internet and become bored. If you’ve got this offline radio app, then you can use the radio for free. For which you do not need any internet connection.

Are FM Radios Built Into Smartphones?

FM radio is not a feature that any smartphone maker intentionally builds into their phones. It is a byproduct of some of the chips manufacturers use which have built-in FM receivers along with the features that the smartphone manufacturers are in fact interested in.

Best FM Radio Apps For Android Without Internet 2020

1: iHeartRadio – Free Music, Radio & Podcasts

IHeartRadio is the best offline radio app for android 2020. This program has more than 50 million downloads on play shop and the size of the app is varies with apparatus. This app is totally free. Within this program over 1500 live radio stations are offered to you and you could also do unlimited music streaming along with it. You may listen to the song and radio channel of any mood and action. IHeartRadio is simple to use and its design is also quite cool.

With the support of this program, you can listen to all of the radio stations live and neighborhood near you and in case you also wish to listen to international radio then you can listen readily. From these radio channels, you can enjoy music, sports, news, talk and comedy programs in all kinds of categories. And if you like sports, then you’ve been supplied radio channels of top sports radio stations such as ESPN Radio, Fox Sports and much more.

Within this app, you can make your own music stations. In which you can categorize countless songs of your favorite artists. So you can listen to this radio station and tune anytime.

There’s also a superior feature of the no wifi radio program, which you can purchase and use more attributes.

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2: TuneIn Radio

This is another best FM radio app for android without the internet. This program has more than 100 million downloads in the play store. This app is very popular all over the world. It is used in 230 countries. With the help of this radio program, you can play some of your favorite radio stations. With this radio app, you can listen to live sports, music, news, podcasts and AM & FM radio from all over the world.

You’ll also enjoy the interface of the offline radio program. Its design is also very straightforward, so there is not any problem in finding your favorite radio station. This app is very well designed to be a class. From where you can easily browse the radio channels of local radio, trending, music, sports news, etc..

By downloading this program you can never miss these 3 major things.

1: You will never miss a live sports game: If you have an interest in sports, then this program is very helpful for you. It offers live scores and commentary of all sports around the world for you via radio. You can also listen to sports news from this app anywhere.

2: Unlimited Music: If you like listening to songs, then you can listen to unlimited songs free of the offline radio app for android.

3: News of major news stations: In this app, you will get to hear all the top news stations in the world including CNN, MSNBC, Fox, BBC, NPR, CNBC. From here you can easily listen to local, global and international news.

If you want to take whole experience of the TuneIn, then you have to buy the premium version of this, where you’ll be provided all the features of this app. Many more features are available.

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3: Simple Radio – Free Live FM AM Radio & Music

A simple radio app also provides many radio stations that you listen to the radio at no cost and without the internet. Additionally, it is a remarkably popular app. This program has been downloaded over 10 million times on the Play Store. From here it is possible to stream your favorite radio station in the easiest way.

If you’re fond of listening to the radio then more than 45000 radio stations are provided for you within this app. It is easy to listen to any radio station you enjoy around the world. A clean interface is offered in this app. With which you don’t have any difficulty in finding any radio station on the planet, you can easily find it.

For those who have a favorite radio station and you would like to listen to it the moment you open the program. That means you can set it in the favorite list with a single tap in this program. So you won’t have any difficulty in finding that radio channel. The sound quality of the app is also quite good and you don’t even get to see Buffering or Interruptions. For this reason, the user experience within this program is quite good.


PCRadio is another incredible FM radio app for android phones. Thousands of radio stations are given to you in this radio program. In which different genres also have been available. If you wish to listen to the radio in high quality sound regardless of the low rate internet connection from the radio channel, then this program is right for you.

You can enjoy your favorite radio station anywhere. Whether you’re driving your car or having a picnic with friends and family. This radio program is also a battery effective. It doesn’t drain your battery quickly. Which will keep your cell phone in charge for quite a long time. Within this app, all sorts of channels are split into different categories.

5: NextRadio Free Live FM Radio

This is another very best FM radio app for android without the internet. This app has been downloaded more than 10 million times on the Play Store. This FM radio without wifi provides two ways to listen to live, local FM Radio. If the FM receiver chip is activated on your phone, then it is easy to listen to the neighborhood, terrestrial FM radio with its aid. Which uses less information and conserves your battery life compared to streaming.

Activated FM Chief helps you a lot. Whenever an emergency comes in your city, it’s working even when cell towers are down. This app works only once you connect your wired headphones with your phone. If you use Bluetooth headphones and telephone speakers etc. then this radio app does not work. Download free FM radio on your Android smartphone today.

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It was our collection of the greatest radio Apps for Android. If your phone comes with an integrated radio receiver but doesn’t own a stock program that would enable access to broadcasts, it’s suggested to select one of the programs listed. For some programs, you want the online connection, but you could always save the flow and listen to it. With the assistance of these programs, you can listen to offline radio at no cost. For this you don’t require any data connection. You flow radio without using info. I hope you like this post then let’s do opinions and remember to share this article with your buddies.