When we talk of Android smartphones, we are all quick to jump to Samsung because these phones have become synonymous with the Android name. However, over the years, we have seen the birth of many different android phones and some of the phones are quite amazing even though very few people know about them.

Understated Android Phones


Itel is a brand that was founded in 2014. With their headquarters in China, they have very cheap but nice smartphones. The main reasons why Itel is a phone that is so underrated is because the phones are mainly sold in Africa, some part of Europe and Latin America. The Itel Vison 1 is their latest phone and it very affordable, comes with a great interface and an excellent battery life.


Another great Android phone brand that many people despise is OnePlus. This is despite the fact that they have great and affordable phones. Some of the latest OnePlus phones are the OnePlus 8 pro and the OnePlus Nord. These are phones that follow the latest smartphone trends that come with fingerprint sensor and several cameras.


Xiaomi is a brand that focuses mainly on smartphones and other gadgets. Other than their great android phones, Xiaomi also has wireless earbuds, smartwatches’ , electric scooters and usrealmoneycasinos app . Their brand of phones is not that popular this is despite that they are of great quality and are also very affordable.


Nokia was a brand that a very popular back in the day, then things went haywire and they literally disappeared from the scenes. However, they are back and they are back with a bang.

Nokia was in actual fact one of the first brands to release and a smartphone that had several cameras at the back and well we all know that that’s a trend these days. Although they are an underrated android, Nokia still has great smartphones , they are also very affordable and have much more space where you can install slots machine app and many more apps.

Honourable mentions would include Motorola, Sony and even Lenovo. All of which have great phones but somehow will never be able to ou shine Samsung.