Smartphones have become the main thing in the last decade. Every now and then new applications are being launched and this has left android users spoilt for choice. Moreover it has made android an enjoyable software.

The software has given birth to a lot applications that have changed our day to day actives. These android applications have changed the purpose of the smartphone. It used to be just a tool for communication but now it can be used for essential purposes like checking your heart rate and tracking activities like training in the gym.

Below we look at the best android apps in 2020, however the apps are listed in no particular order.

The Biggest Social Media Site Facebook is Among Android Apps

The Facebook android application can be downloaded on Google play just like most of best us real money online casinos apps. This android app is considered to be among the best available applications for android users.

Moreover, Facebook has since surpassed the public expectations. It is more than just an app that people use for sharing content from Twitter or other platforms. It has since pushed into other sections such as dating and shopping.

YouTube Application

This is a mobile application available on android devices and on this application you can learn how to play casino France online games and other more important things. You will most likely find it already installed in your smartphone or any other android device when you purchase it. It brings you music from anywhere in the world on your fingertips. It is also among the most used applications by android users.


This is another popular application for android users. You can install it in your device by simply downloading it on Google Play Store. On Netflix, there is more than just video streaming activities. You can also download movies of your choice.

Thus, you get to watch any movie at any time you want.

The above are just a few android apps of the many that you can easily download.