This Robux hack is not the hack you know, it’s unique. What if I told you that you can get thousands of Robux for free with no hassles, no endless clicking, you don’t even have to worry about breaking any laws, you simply relax and get this Robux. You don’t have to bother surveys or such things like that.

Just visit these platforms from time to time and get some Robux. It’s simply like reading this article or sharing this post with your friends.

Is this a hack Robux generator?

No is not those fake useless generator for Robux I’m yet to see any of these so-called generators that work, if you know or have used anyone that worked please let me know, I will be happy to check it out.

Besides if there is anything like a working Robux hack generator, it won’t be legal as you simply can’t profit from something the owner hasn’t authorized you to use.

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So yes this Robux hack is the legal one. You don’t use these numerous fake generators and hack to get some Robux. How does this work? Continue reading to understand.

How to get free Robux

To get free Robux all you need to do is to participate in giveaways. Yes, the giveaway is a great way to get free Robux for your game, and have peace of mind. These are the active websites that timeshare their Robux with readers on a first-come serve basis. This Robux is paid for by these sites, some of these websites are given for free by Robux by the company itself.

Below is the list of sites for free Robux

1. Givee
On this site you get free Robux when you participate in any task they want you to, it could be as simple as play a game. Or do something as small as sharing things like their website to friends. You can get the following Robux


They are a great source when you want free Robux in Roblox. They also have a comment box where you can chat with fellow gamers. You can also complain, inquire, beg, and offer your suggestions to them.

2. Surveymonkey
I know what you are thinking endless surveys, with endless ads and redirections, that’s what I thought at first but someone said I should try it first, which I did, and surprisingly it worked. I was able to get some Robux.

It seems they limit it to one user or IP address as I tried again but didn’t get any not even one Robux.

To get the Robux through this website just enter your details in the field provided. Once you this sites you’ll see the following
i. Have you subscribed?

With a yes or no as an answer

ii. How keen is to get Robux?
With options like
  • Very
  • In the middle and
  • Not bothered

iii. Have you joined my group (with the group’s link)

With options like; Yes or no.

The last question will be to request your Roblox name, which you should provide in the space for it. After which you should click done.

Update: You must now join the Roblox group at the site before you can be given some Robux. Happy hunting.

3. Techlacarte

How does reading news, articles, and blog post for Robux sound? If it sounds nice then, by all means, visit the site below.

Techlacarte is a technology-based site with lots of articles focused on the tech world. They reward their loyal readers from time, these readers are then given the opportunity to earn Robux free, no surveys, endless redirect. Check out how you can be a part of their giveaways.

According to them, the group was created to give free Robux to readers and group members. So to qualify you to need to join their group and get accepted.

You can also chat and interact with other group members while you are still there. You don’t need to do anything after joining, as from the time a call is made for people that need these Robux, this is when you should indicate interest so that you will part of the process and that will eventually land the much needed Roblox .

Further details for Techlacarte

Daily entry: You can participate daily multiple times that website needed to visit every day to get the list of task and try your hands on winning

Winner: The announcement for the winner will take place on the third site or on their group. It will also be announced in the winner announcement board as soon as the contest ends.

Prizes: for the number of prizes 500 Robux worth $ 5 will be divided equally shared with 5 winners. Selection is made randomly, as they will pick the winner at random, from the participants after which they will display their name, location of the winner.

4. Giveninja

At Ninja give away you simply get to get free Robux while surfing the internet, especially if you perform certain tasks for them. Such a task could be

  • Sharing to Twitter which gives 30 Robux
  • Sharing / subscribing to YouTube which gives you 30 Robux.
  • Sharing / following on Twitter which gives 20 Robux.
  • Joining their group in the Steam group which will give 20 Robux.
  • You can simply repeat this every day to get more daily Robux from them.

Each week they select the grand prize winner from a list of consistent winners. This grand prize gets 1700 Robux all free! You can’t beat that. It is a strong community powered by a strong group based on Steam.

You can share your thoughts, inquiry, or suggestions through the comment section.

Some frequently asked questions

– How do I enter for the giveaway on this site?

All you need to enter a giveaway and be eligible to win – just push a button “Enter a giveaway!”. Entering a giveaway provides you with one point in the pool.

Think of points as of small pieces of paper with your name written on it and then thrown in a hat with a few other names. The more you have thrown in a hat, the more chances you have to be picked (and win!).

– How do I receive or earn more points

Every giveaway has specially designed a set of additional and optional actions that allow users to receive additional points in this giveaway. Also, you will be able to receive bonus point packs for special actions that you will be able to use in other giveaways as a one-time bonus point boost to increase your points in the giveaway pool and possibly win.

Why have I not won yet?

While some users might win on their first entry, others will need to enter a larger number of giveaways before being lucky. If you search for giveaways with a smaller number of entries, you’ll have a higher chance of winning.

5. Bentoysandgames Ben toys and games do give away every now then, it might not daily like the rest, but you are to get a chance to participate monthly.
Each day or month requirements for how to join and participate are posted on their site or Facebook page. All you need to do is to follow the instructions and complete their requirements, the Robux will be yours. Just make sure to beat the deadline, otherwise, everything you did would have been nothing.

How much Robux can you get?

If you participate you must win something, below is a breakdown.

5 Robux if you earn a total of 10000 GOLD or 10 Robux if you can earn a total of 20000 Gold.
10 Robux if you score 20 POINTS or 20 Robux if you score 30 points.

Main grand prizes

1st place: 200 Robux.

2nd place: 150 Robux

3rd place: 100 Robux

Some important things to keep in mind

You can only win 1 time per month, make sure you give it your best, Once you submit, it is final.
You have to join their Roblox group to get it, you should have joined the Roblox group by the time you win, otherwise, your submission will be discarded so ensure you are already a member before participating to avoid stories that touch.

With the above websites, you don’t have to get stuck using all these numerous generators, which are obviously fake. This hack gets you clean legal Robux on your Roblox via giveaways.

Giveaways can be gotten not just on the above-listed websites, but other places like Social media platforms. For one the official Facebook and Twitter page of Roblox gives out Robux from time to time, usually on special occasions like reaching milestones, New year, or Christmas.

Best way to stay updated and avoid missing these giveaways?

Since most of these giveaways are on a first come first serve basis, you need to find a way to stay tuned to some of these sites, so when the giveaway starts you’ll be among the first to receive an alert.

Depending on the site, you should choose one or a combination of

Email – Have giveaways delivered straight to the inbox.

Feed – Old fashioned yes, but it still works.

Push notifications – You can allow push notifications for each site, you can test it out here to see how it works.

These 3 things can help you stay on top of things, instead of having to check these sites one after the other you simply use one or a combination of the above to get automatic when a giveaway starts.

Note: If you have any sure confirmed giveaway that’s ongoing on a regular or semi-regular basis please share with us. As the community, we will like to know. Happy hunting and have a nice day. Stay always.
There is simply no better Robux hack greater than this, yes one can stand a chance of getting confirmed Robux.