Most people do not understand Popsockets (starting at $ 10) before trying one. You’ll find one or two on the back of almost every iPhone, iPod and iPad around the iPhone Life desktop. We use them when we take selfies, wrap our ear cords, attend meetings, or go behind the scenes in Iowa. These 1.5 inch plastic circles are simple, a little silly and incredibly useful. Read on to find out if Popsocket and Popclip are practical iPhone accessories or clumsy distractions. PopSockets are a small stick-on phone accessories that are one part stand, one part grip, with a dash of fidget cube mixed in. Is this cheap accessory for you? Here’s how they work and why you might want one for your phone.

How Does it Work?

Flexibility and durability are the keys to Popsocket design. The accordion rotates 360 degrees and has two different telescopic levels to adjust the tilt of your screen. The sticky support on the platform is reusable; you can remove and reposition the Popsocket as often as you want without losing grip. That’s all Popsocket does, but the simplicity of the design is versatile.

The first telescopic level pulls the button of your phone far enough so that you can slide your fingers for a better grip on your iPhone. I noticed in the past that too much scrolling on my screen hurt me after a while. The Popsocket allows me to hold the iPhone from behind like a book instead of having to grasp the width of the screen. This change in grip has made scrolling a lot more comfortable. Grabbing your phone and pressing the capture button while taking a selfie is also a lot easier with the Popsocket.

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PopClips ($ 10) are an accessory of Popsocket. Mount your PopClip on any surface; your dashboard, your kitchen cabinets and your office wall are all perfect places to have an easily accessible touch screen. Unlike PopSockets, PopClips-backed adhesives are not reusable. Once you’ve placed your PopClip, that’s where it will stay. Fortunately, this means that the PopClip is durable and will hold your phone in the long run.

For those of us on older models of iPhones, tangled ear cords continue to pose a problem. You can stick a second Popsocket on the back of your iPhone to wind up your cord. Because Popsockets are reusable, you can disable the second when you do not need them for cord storage. Obviously, the more Popsockets you put on your phone, the more stupid it is. Personally, I have never put more than one Popsocket on the back of my iPhone. The iPad, however, is another matter.

The Popsocket dual configuration works well for iPads. An additional Popsocket allows to suspend the iPad to Popclips in landscape or portrait mode, in a simple and stable way. This can be useful for cooking, watching videos on the backseat of the car, or viewing handy videos such as makeup tutorials.

If you read again, what are you doing? Go get a Popsocket. I am not joking. It is a product that must be used so that its value is really understood.