While mobile online casino Australia gaming is much easier, choosing the right software you can use with your iPhone can be challenging. It can be difficult to get used to how picky iPhones can be after getting used to the independence that an Android phone gives you..

On that note, this article will show you that without needing to use iTunes, you can still get songs to play quickly on your mobile device. And, the best thing is that the multiple apps we are covering are free as well.

Freegal Music

When it comes to listening to and streaming music for iPhone users, the Freegal Music software comes with a great deal of ease. But, you have to use the 7.1 version of iOS or whatever comes after that. The best part is that the app also enables you to share your favorite picks with friends and create playlists.


Those who have the iOS 7.0 update or improved versions can make use of the Pandora software. And, the advantage is that you can also get to listen digitally to your favourite station. But, in addition to that, the software helps you to store and play your songs offline without buffering them.


One of the most common music apps you can find right now is Spotify. And, whether you are using the 8.2 iOS models or newer, you will get to use it. The App will allow you to download free music and listen to your favorite radio shows as well and leave enough space for new online casino app. Furthermore, the app comes with too many album options to select from.


There are a lot of music options for the iHeartRadio app that you can choose from. But, for those with the iOS10.0+ version, the app is only available. The program can be downloaded for free, but if you are using a paying account, you can get even more fun and great music options.